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Kartemquin Films in partnership with Maria Finitzo, a two-time Peabody-award winning social documentary filmmaker, are producing Living Revolution, a feature length film that examines the possibilities and perils of social change in the contemporary world through the lives of people caught up in one of the worldıs most radical social and political experiments: the Bolivian revolution. Through an innovative collaboration between the team of scientists and anthropologists from the Tsimane' Amazonian Panel Study, (TAPS) led by Dr. Bill Leonard and Dr. Mark Goodale, a cultural anthropologist, Living Revolution will explore the revolution through the experiences of women's rights activists, politicians, opposition intellectuals and the Tsimane', a group of Indigenous people who live in the lowlands of the Bolivian Amazon. Living Revolution will follow the stories of selected individuals as they each in their own way navigate the rocky shoals of both hope and despair in a country in the midst of profound political transition, social change, and violent resistance. The Tsimane' are hunter-gatherers who once lived in and depended on the resources of the Amazon rain forest. Today, however they now find themselves forced to deal with an ever encroaching outside world. Retreat into the forest once an option is no longer possible. The Forest is gone. Social and political change means confronting the other, an encounter that in the past has brought them exploitation, loss of their cultural heritage and environmental degradation. Living Revolution will examine the experiences of both ordinary people and the key historical actors who are shaping, and being shaped by, the revolutionary currents that have made Bolivia a signpost pointing the way toward possible alternative futures for many of the world's developing countries and nations-at-risk. Kartemquin Films Plot not found

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