Lucky Stiff (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Branded Pictures Entertainment [us]
New Oz Productions

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Full Cast

  1. Alexander, Jason (I) as [Vinnie Di Ruzzio] <4>
  2. Amendolia, Don as [Uncle Tony] <6>
  3. Avenido, Kent as [Boy Hardwick] <12>
  4. Chamberlin, Kevin as [Fred Mahew III] <24>
  5. Farina, Dennis as [Luigi] <5>
  6. Garner, Jerald as [Waiter]
  7. Gisser, Aden Chase as [Bratty Child - Bobby]
  8. Henschel, Brandon (I) as [Dancer]
  9. Jackson, Cheyenne as [MC] <17>
  10. Marciona, Anthony as [Italian Man]
  11. Marsh, Dominic as [Harry Witherspoon] <1>
  12. Moss, Chris (I) as [Fantasy dancer]
  13. Piddock, Jim as [Mr. Hobbs] <19>
  14. Powers, Mike (I) as [Croupier]
  15. Skordi, Anthony as [Nicky] <9>
  16. Sparber, Herschel as [Bill Siller] <13>
  17. Stone, Benjamin (II) as [Telegraph Boy] <21>
  18. Taylor, Wesley (I) as [Train Waiter]
  19. Tazioli, Marco as [French man]
  20. Tigue, Paul as [Mr. Loomis] <23>
  21. Velez Jr., Sal as [Atlantic City Hustler]
  22. Weisberg, Noah as [Bellhop] <16>
  23. West, Steve (VIII) as [Harry's Boss] <14>
  24. Ayers, Heather as [Mrs. Delila Wagstiff-Duncan] <25>
  25. Bates, Bobbie as [Dancer]
  26. Birdsong, Mary as [Maid] <8>
  27. Carney, Maggie as [Miss. Iris Crum] <11>
  28. Catlett, Mary Jo as [Shoe Store Lady] <15>
  29. Cody, Jen as [Mary Alice] <18>
  30. Cody, Jennifer as [Mary Alice] <18>
  31. DeMars, Nancy as [Hotel Guest]
  32. Dowsett, Jacquelyn as [Dancing Nun]
  33. Farese, Susan as [Nun]
  34. Houdyshell, Jayne as [Harry's Landlady] <10>
  35. James, Nikki M. as [Annabel Glick] <2>
  36. Markarian, Rachael as [Showgirl]
  37. McCoy, Angelina as [Fantasy Dancer #1]
  38. Mills, Juliet as [Miss Thorsby] <20>
  39. Mitchell, Sarah (VII) as [Harry's Fantasy Dancer]
  40. Perry-Russell, Brittany as [Harry's Fantasy Girl]
  41. Shaw, Pamela (II) as [Rita LaPorto] <3>
  42. Shindle, Kate as [Dominique] <7>
  43. Sinclair, Summer E. as [Miss Mess]
  44. Sweitzer, Becca as [Fantasy Maid]
  45. Theobalds, Joanna as [Theresa]
  46. Urbanek, Catherine as [Atlantic City Cutie]
  47. Whitehead, Chryssie as [Miss. Coco Blankship] <26>
  48. Wilkins, Sharon as [Vinny's Nurse]
  49. Wistrom, Pamela as [Hotel Guest]


  1. Comedy
  2. Musical

Total Business

SD: June 2012 - ?

Music Composers

  1. Flaherty, Stephen


  1. Gardiner, Greg (I)

Dress Designers

  1. Wood, Durinda

Film Editors

  1. Ship, Trudy


  1. Bonachea, Luis (production assistant)
  2. Butterfield, Glynn (epk producer)
  3. Case, Jenny (assistant to the director)
  4. Centeno, Laura (II) (accounting clerk)
  5. Cohen, Robert (XXI) (set intern)
  6. Couch, Carlyn (assistant location manager)
  7. Cutler-Kreutz, Sam (set intern)
  8. Dodder, Clay (assistant location manager)
  9. Fowler, Scott (I) (associate choreographer)
  10. Frantzich, Lance (I) (production intern)
  11. Frantzich, Lance (II) (production intern)
  12. Goldes, Joel (dialect coach)
  13. Gunnarshaug, Kirsten (production secretary)
  14. Haracz, Adam (production assistant)
  15. Hurst, Andy (V) (production intern)
  16. Hurst, Andy (VI) (production intern)
  17. Kramer, Jaxon (production assistant)
  18. Lewis, Melanie (V) (associate choreographer)
  19. Martin, Timothy (VIII) (staff set production assistant)
  20. Moran, Molly (production coordinator)
  21. Neale, Michael (I) (location manager)
  22. O'Rourke, Colin (set production assistant)
  23. Page, Nicole (I) (production legal)
  24. Pierce, Joshua Brian (assistant production coordinator)
  25. Pizzi, Joey (choreographer)
  26. Robertson, Rebecca (I) (script supervisor)
  27. Royal, David (II) (chef)
  28. Ryan, Rebecca R. (accounting clerk)
  29. Shaffer, Megan (I) (assistant production coordinator)
  30. Shannon, Jessica (II) (production accountant)
  31. Shermer, Richard (production intern)
  32. Staubs, Debra (assistant craft service)
  33. Stevens, Jeffrey D. (key set medic)
  34. Tako, Stephen (stand-in)
  35. Weaks, Alma (craft service)