Multiplicity (1996) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
5.8/ 10 (17382 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated PG-13 for sexual situations

Production Company
Columbia Pictures Corporation [us] - (as Columbia Pictures) (presents)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 27 June 1996
(USA) - 10 July 1996
(USA) - 17 July 1996
(Iceland) - 30 August 1996
(France) - 11 September 1996

Running Time

Sometimes to get more out of life, you have to make more of yourself. Better living through cloning.

actor-playing-multiple-roles, ballet, boat, box-office-flop, building-site, bungee-jumping, cement, children, clone, cloning, construction, construction-company, dog, dysfunctional-family, effeminacy, experiment-gone-wrong, farce, golf, guesthouse, human-duplication, inspector, look-alike, love, masculinity, mentally-impaired,

Technical Support
CAM:Panavision Panaflex Platinum, Panavision C- and E-Series Lenses
LAB:Technicolor, Hollywood (CA), USA
MET:3267 m
OFM:35 mm - (Eastman EXR 500T 5296, EXR 500T 5298)
PCS:Panavision - (anamorphic)
PFM:35 mm
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Babatundé, Obba as [Paul] <13>
  2. de Lancie, John as [Ted] <9>
  3. Doyle-Murray, Brian as [Walt] <12>
  4. Duhame, Zack as [Zack Kinney] <3>
  5. Kampmann, Steven as [Coach Jack] <16>
  6. Keaton, Michael as [Doug Kinney] <1>
  7. Klesic, Michael as (uncredited) [Carpenter]
  8. Levy, Eugene as [Vic] <7>
  9. Lyell, Dennis R. as [Construction Worker] <24>
  10. Masur, Richard as [Del King] <6>
  11. Milhoan, Michael as [Irate Football Parent] <17>
  12. Piddock, Jim as [Maitre d'] <19>
  13. Plon, Harold as [Lab Technician Twin] <26>
  14. Plon, Richard as [Lab Technician Twin] <25>
  15. Ridgely, Robert as [Laura's Father] <22>
  16. Shadix, Glenn as [Building Inspector] <23>
  17. Stellrecht, Skip as [Irate Football Parent] <18>
  18. Wallace, George (I) as [Man in Restaurant] <27>
  19. Yulin, Harris as [Dr. Leeds] <5>
  20. Bowen, Julie as [Robin] <13>
  21. Coleman, Kari as [Patti] <15>
  22. Cusack, Ann (I) as [Noreen] <8>
  23. Duke, Robin as [Ballet School Receptionist] <20>
  24. Herrington, Suzanne as [Den Mother] <21>
  25. Johnston, Justine A. as [Woman in Restaurant] <28>
  26. Kahan, Judith as [Franny] <10>
  27. MacDowell, Andie as [Laura Kinney] <2>
  28. Maxey, Dawn as [Beth] <14>
  29. Schlossberg, Katie as [Jennifer Kinney] <4>


  1. Comedy
  2. Romance
  3. Sci-Fi

Full Plot

Construction worker Doug Kinney finds that the pressures of his working life, combined with his duties to his wife Laura and daughter Jennifer leaves him with little time for himself. However, he is approached by geneticist Dr. Owen Leeds who offers him a rather unusual solution to his problems - cloning. Jonathan Broxton A comedy about a man who clones himself to save his marriage, and then almost loses his wife-- to himself! Overworked and over-scheduled, contractor Doug Kinney never has enough time for his wife and family. So when a helpful geneticist offers to "xerox" Doug, it seems like the perfect solution-- until the clones begin to take over his home, his job, and his bed. Robert Lynch Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 293,249 (France) (1 October 1996) AD: 96,393 (Germany) (3 November 1996) AD: 13,847 (Netherlands) (31 December 1997) AD: 13,827 (Netherlands) (1 January 1997) AD: 41,971 (Portugal) (21 November 1996) AD: 34,362 (Portugal) (14 November 1996) AD: 23,650 (Portugal) (7 November 1996) AD: 453,642 (Spain) BT: USD 45,000,000 GR: USD 20,101,861 (USA) (22 September 1996) GR: USD 19,968,292 (USA) (25 August 1996) GR: USD 19,901,529 (USA) (18 August 1996) GR: USD 19,451,525 (USA) (11 August 1996) GR: USD 17,602,319 (USA) (4 August 1996) GR: USD 13,424,000 (USA) (28 July 1996) GR: USD 5,075,000 (USA) (21 July 1996) GR: USD 20,100,000 (USA) GR: GBP 803,596 (UK) (13 October 1996) GR: USD 34,100,000 (Worldwide) GR: USD 14,000,000 (Worldwide) (except USA) GR: AUD 954,700 (Australia) (31 October 1996) GR: ESP 263,399,131 (Spain) OW: USD 5,075,000 (USA) (21 July 1996) (2,134 screens) SD: 29 August 1995 - 24 January 1996

Movie Certificate

L (Iceland)
18 (South Korea)
6 (Netherlands)(re-rating)
13 (Argentina)
PG (Australia)
14 (Chile)
S (Finland)
AL (Netherlands)(original rating)
14 (Peru)
M/12 (Portugal)
PG (Singapore)
T (Spain)
7 (Sweden)
12 (UK)
PG-13 (USA)
PG (Canada)

Music Composers

  1. Fenton, George


  1. Kovács, László (I)

Dress Designers

  1. Cunliffe, Shay


Columbia Pictures [us] - (1996) (USA) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Film Distributors [gb] - (1996) (UK) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Film [de] - (1996) (Germany) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Films [nl] - (1996) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Films de Argentina [ar] - (1996) (Argentina) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Films de España [es] - (1996) (Spain) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment [de] - (1998) (Germany) (DVD)
Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment [gb] - (2004) (UK) (DVD)
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Columbia TriStar Home Video [de] - (199?) (Germany) (VHS)
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Columbia TriStar Home Video [us] - (1998) (USA) (DVD)
Columbia TriStar Home Video [us] - (1998) (USA) (VHS)
Columbia TriStar Home Video [us] - (1999) (USA) (VHS)
Columbia TriStar Home Video [us] - (2001) (USA) (VHS)
Falcon [cz] - (1996) (Czech Republic) (theatrical)
Fox Network [us] - (1999) (USA) (TV) (broadcast premiere)
LK-TEL [ar] - (1997) (Argentina) (VHS)
LK-TEL [ar] - (2000) (Argentina) (DVD)
Sony Pictures Entertainment [jp] - (1997) (Japan) (theatrical)
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Umbrella Entertainment [au] - (2012) (Australia) (DVD)
United Video [de] - (199?) (Germany) (VHS)
Videosonic Arts [gr] - (1997) (Greece) (VHS)

Film Editors

  1. Herring, Craig
  2. Herring, Pembroke J. (as Pem Herring)


  1. Adelman, Todd J. (production medic) (uncredited)
  2. Alexander, Michael (IV) (animal trainer)
  3. Balsmeyer, Randall (title designer)
  4. Banta, David (I) (marine coordinator)
  5. Bennett, Wilda (II) (assistant: Mr. Albert)
  6. Burwick, Ronald (assistant: Mr. Ramis) (as Ron Burwick)
  7. Caves, Mauni P. (location scout)
  8. DiClaudio, Mary Fox (assistant accountant)
  9. Engman, Erin (assistant production office coordinator)
  10. Everett, Mimi (title designer)
  11. Feldman, Rich (assistant: Mr. Albert)
  12. Garrison, Miranda (choreographer) (uncredited)
  13. Gillespie, Don (III) (assistant accountant) (uncredited)
  14. Gnagnarelli, Diane (dialogue coach)
  15. Gross, Allison (location scout) (uncredited)
  16. Hallin, Wendy S. (key set production assistant)
  17. Harrison, Paul (III) (location scout)
  18. Jansen, JoAnn Fregalette (choreographer) (uncredited)
  19. Kehoe, Michael G. (craft service) (as Michael Kehoe)
  20. Kemp, Stephanie (production assistant)
  21. Koestler, Jennifer (assistant: Mr. Mayes)
  22. Kronen, Jordana (location scout)
  23. Landis, Deborah (stand-in: Ann Cusack) (uncredited)
  24. Lipman, Jim (boat captain) (uncredited)
  25. Mann, Michael (III) (location manager)
  26. Marshall, Sherry (production office coordinator)
  27. Merrifield, Douglas C. (marine/aerial supervisor)
  28. Mosley, Javier (production assistant)
  29. O'Gorman, Conor (production assistant)
  30. Payne, Larry (animal trainer)
  31. Pittman, Catherine (animal coordinator) (uncredited)
  32. Russell, Jane E. (unit publicist)
  33. Shaughnessy, Mary Grace (assistant: Mr. Keaton)
  34. Single, Bryan (I) (production assistant)
  35. Thompson, Eliza (assistant: Mr. Fenton)
  36. Touhey, Chip (production assistant) (as John 'Chip' Touhey)
  37. Townsend, Judi (script supervisor)
  38. Vasquez, Francisco (double) (uncredited)
  39. Walker, Lois (I) (production office coordinator)
  40. Wattles, Carole (accountant) (as Carole A. Wattles)
  41. Weaver, Doug (I) (production assistant) (as Douglas W. Weaver)
  42. Wilson, Paul (IV) (assistant location manager)
  43. Zajonc, Robert 'Bobby Z' (aerial coordinator) (uncredited)


Doug Kinney #3: You know how when you make a copy of a copy, it's not as sharp as... well... the original. [Doug's rule for his clones] Doug Kinney: Nobody has sex with my wife but me. Doug Kinney: I've been working since I was twelve; it's break time. Doug Kinney #4: [to Doug Kinney] Hey Steve, did ya bring me any pizza Steve? Doug Kinney #4: [to Doug Kinney #1] Hi Steve! Doug Kinney #4: Did you bring me a monkey? Doug Kinney: 1... 2... 3... 4! Doug Kinney #4: ...12 Ted: Hey Kinney, I know you think you're hot shit. I'm not falling for this whole go-go attitude. I see through you, my friend. Doug Kinney #1: [to #2] I'll hit you so hard, I'll kill him! Doug Kinney #4: We're gonna eat a dolphin! Doug Kinney #2: We're going to pet a dolphin... Doug Kinney #1: [to#4] I'm gonna buy you something... Doug Kinney #4: [to#1] A chainsaw? Doug Kinney #1: [to#4]... Or a book... Doug Kinney #2: My life's a shambles. I need pie. Doug Kinney: Hi. Do you mind if we sit with you? Woman in Restaurant: Have we met? Doug Kinney: No. Doug Kinney #4: I like pizza. I *like* it! Doug Kinney: We're gonna need a cage. Doug Kinney #4: Bye, Steve! I like Steve. Dr. Leeds: 15 Years ago, I cloned an earthworm. Doug Kinney: Well, God bless you, sir. Doug Kinney #2: [not happy about appearance of clone #3. Doug has promised to make it up to him] And you can start by cloning Laura! Doug Kinney #1: [to his children, Zack and Jennifer who are fighting] You're both doodie-heads! Go up to your rooms and don't come out until you're married! Doug Kinney #4: [after having sex with Doug #1's wife] She touched my pepe, Steve! Ted: We'll have to put in more hours. This isn't just a nine-to-five job. There is a saying where I worked last. "If you don't come in on Saturday, don't bother coming in on Sunday." Doug Kinney #4: [Doug #2 is laying in bed with the flu and Doug #3 has left him alone with Doug #4] Sorry Steve... [Doug #2 looks up and sees Doug #4 standing at the foot of his bed with a rubber boot over his head and moves a wood saw back and forth in the air in a sawing motion] Doug Kinney #4: That leg's gonna have to come off. Laura Kinney: [to Doug#4 thinking he's her husband] Please, just tell me what it is that you want. Doug Kinney #4: I want Pizza.

Other Titles

  1. Mi sdoppio in quattro (1996) (ENG)

  2. Vier lieben dich (1996) (ENG)

  3. Vier lieben dich (1996) (GER)

  4. Mi sdoppio in quattro (1996) (ITA)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Skirball Cultural Center - 2701 N. Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA
  2. Sony Pictures Studios - 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA


- The construction project Doug is working on is called "Vista de Nada," which is Spanish for "View of Nothing."

- In filming the shot in which Doug #1 introduces Doug #3 to Doug #2, Doug #2 tosses a beer to Doug #1. 'Michael Keaton' (qv) catching the beer (tossed by a body double) was shot first. Keaton tossing the beer (this time *to* a body double) was filmed later. Keaton's toss so perfectly matched the body double's original toss, that the planned special effect of digitally erasing the tossed beer can then adding in a digital beer can was not needed, thereby saving the production quite a bit of money. This was referred to by the special effects crew as "The Million Dollar Miracle Beer Can Toss".

- Doug Kinney was named after Ramis' friend and National Lampoon founder 'Douglas Kenney' (qv).

- Both 'Michael Keaton' (qv) and 'John de Lancie' (qv), who plays Ted, attended Kent State University in Ohio.