Murder101 (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Murder 101 [us]
Upper Laventile Productions [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 22 May 2013

Running Time

Silence of the Lamb meets Scream

class, killing, law, law-school, law-student, party, professor, school, slaying, sociopath, university,

Technical Support
CAM:Red One Camera

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Full Cast

  1. Basco, Dante as [D. Phillips] <2>
  2. Bowles, D. Patrick as (uncredited) [Law Student]
  3. Brunetti, Ted (I) as [Joe]
  4. Cain, Michael (III) as [Gigi's Dad - photo]
  5. Carter, Dominic (III) as [DJ]
  6. Chaka, Jonas as [Bartender]
  7. Cimmino, Michelle as [Gigi]
  8. Cohn, Drew as [Student in Bathroom]
  9. Cooper, Steve (XVII) as [Gray Kid]
  10. Daggs III, Percy as [Carlyle]
  11. Daly, Sam as [Thomas Reid]
  12. Derosena, Jacques as [Det. Jay]
  13. Endes, Mike as (uncredited) [Police Officer]
  14. Haase, Jamison as [Chase]
  15. Irwin, Randy as [Professor]
  16. James, Michael (XXVIII) as [Walter]
  17. Jordan, Marvin as [Officer Daryl]
  18. Lewis, Alfie as [Hip Hop Dancer]
  19. Robins, Sheldon as [Detective L. Caterson] <3>
  20. Sizemore, Tom as [FBI Agent Ridley] <1>
  21. Testa, J. Skylar as [Sonny]
  22. Warren, Victor as [Coroner]
  23. Winter, Greg (II) as [AP Bill Peele]
  24. Au-Harehoe, Vai as [Dancer]
  25. Corcoran, Teri as [Dancer]
  26. de Prume, Cathryn as [Susan - Window Clerk]
  27. Dib, Daniela as [Hot Chick #1]
  28. Fortunato, Menina as [Newscaster M.Damours]
  29. Grosso, Isabella as [Dancer]
  30. Hattab, Malaak as [Katie]
  31. Karmi, M.J. as [Ms Gilda Reid]
  32. Kyler, Allison as [Girl at Party]
  33. La Pierre, Paige as [Fiona] <4>
  34. Macias, Leslie as [Dancer]
  35. Malia, Katie as [Leslie]
  36. Moore, Rai as [Cynda]
  37. Morrow, Dawn as [Sandy]
  38. Mortel, Donnabella as [Female Officer]
  39. Ramirez, Francesca as [Dancer]
  40. Robins, Soraya Fortunato as [Baby]
  41. Robinson, Tia as [Dancer]
  42. Roepke, Rochelle as [CS Officer]
  43. Semenova, Juliana as [Hot Chick #2]
  44. Waltz, Jasmine as [Detective Brown]
  45. Westling, Dominica as [Kelly]
  46. Zbinden, Kristina as (uncredited) [Partygoer]
  47. Zolynska, Marta as (uncredited) [Dancer]


  1. Thriller

Total Business

BT: USD 1,500,000 CP: Sheldon Robins

Movie Certificate

PG-13 (USA)

Music Composers

  1. Puro, Alec


  1. Cascio, Paolo

Dress Designers

  1. Magaña, Alma

Film Editors

  1. S.f.m.r


  1. Bondy, Kevin (assistant to Mr. Robins)
  2. Coit III, William Clark (location manager)
  3. Compton, Carol A. (script clearance)
  4. Corcoran, Teri (assistant choreographer)
  5. Fortunato, Menina (choreographer)
  6. Fortunato, Menina (website designed by)
  7. Krampota, Lisa (production assistant)
  8. Martin, Jared B. (II) (production assistant)
  9. Mourgides, Matthew (assistant: Tom Sizemore)
  10. Robins, Selwyn (website designed by)
  11. Santos, Jules (script supervisor)
  12. Shrier, Tracey (production assistant)