Never Kissed by the Queen (2014) Movie

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South Africa

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Belvedere Film [at]
Potboiler Productions Wellington [za]

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Release Date
(South Africa) - 2014

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The Black Countess from Bain Street

clergyman, color-in-title, england, english-aristocracy, freed-slave, interracial-marriage, love-affair, mixed-race-child, peer, place-name-in-title, queen-victoria, scandal, school-founding, south-africa, south-african, street-in-title,

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Full Cast

  1. Grey, Jonathan (II) as [Himself] <6>
  2. van der Roos, R.E. as [Himself] <7>
  3. Follett, Maggie as [Herself]
  4. Hern, Naomi as [Herself] <5>
  5. Loos, Jackie as [Herself] <3>
  6. Robinson, Helen (VII) as [Herself] <4>
  7. Rust, Winnie as [Herself] <2>


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Full Plot

The extraordinary love affair between Martha Solomons, a humble semi-literate, Dutch-speaking daughter of a freed Cape slave, and Harry Grey, Oxford-educated clergyman and exiled aristocrat from a noble British family. A chance meeting one night in the rural town of Wellington, South Africa during the 1860's lead to their eventual marriage, and - when Harry unexpectedly inherited the title 8th Earl of Stamford, Martha became Countess - a scandal in Victorian England and its colonies. It created a tabloid frenzy, especially as the Queen was expected to kiss the cheeks of the wives of Peers of the Realm. But despite the hysteria of the upper-crust and a lengthy court case that shook the House of Lords to its foundations, Harry's beloved Lady Martha was to raise her heirs and return to South Africa to found the first school for mixed-race children. Maggie Follett Plot not found

Total Business

BT: ZAR 300,000 CP: Maggie Follett SD: 1 November 2010 - May 2011

Music Composers

  1. du Toit, Heine


  1. Neser, Etienne

Film Editors

  1. Neser, Etienne


  1. Farr, Alisa (production assistant)
  2. Farr, Alisa (researcher)