Nightingale (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Slow Burn Stage and Screen [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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A troubled young girl submerges herself in a fantasy she may not be able to leave.


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Full Cast

  1. Abreu, Alyssa as [2nd School Student]
  2. Blanco, Remy as [Church congregation]
  3. Boodo, Joseph as [1st School Student]
  4. Buckner, Shanee as [2nd School Student]
  5. Cabreja, Jesus as [Matt's Friend 1]
  6. Cosmiano, Maverick Visan as [Church congregation]
  7. Cosmiano, Vicinte as [Church congregation]
  8. Cox, Daniel Angus as (as Daniel Cox) [Cafeteria Teacher]
  9. Duncan, Daquan as [2nd School Student]
  10. Geronimo, John as [Restaurant worker]
  11. Gonzales, Ray (VIII) as [Alex's church friend]
  12. Greene, Lester (II) as [Court Officer]
  13. Iacono, Jenna as [Child's hand]
  14. Ifill, Landon as [Baby]
  15. Juan, Alfredo San as [1st School Student]
  16. Lapke, Tom as [Detention Center Guard]
  17. Laurencio, Ramon as [Church congregation]
  18. Lawless, Joe (II) as [Judge Logan]
  19. Lim, Prospero A. as [Church congregation]
  20. Liriano, Raf as [2nd School Student]
  21. Lloyd, Shaun as [Court Officer 2]
  22. Lopez, Christopher (XII) as [Matt's Friend 2]
  23. Lord, Patrick as [Handcuffed Kid 3]
  24. Manor, Joselito C. as [Church congregation]
  25. Manos, Joselito as [Church congregation]
  26. Martin, Joseph (XIII) as [Policeman]
  27. Mistry, Hemang as [1st School Student]
  28. Munoz, Rafael as [Transporting Officer]
  29. Pacual, Ed A. as [Priest]
  30. Perez, Kevin as [Movie Theater Usher]
  31. Pimentel, Alexander as [Matt]
  32. Reno, Ben as [1st School Student]
  33. Rodriguez, Justin as [2nd School Student]
  34. Rodriquez, Rod as [Alex] <6>
  35. Solis, Charlie as [Bully - Zach]
  36. Steele, Matt (VI) as [1st School Student]
  37. Storie, Will as [Bully - Leo]
  38. Taylor, Daniel (XXXII) as [1st School Student]
  39. Villanueva, Kevin as [Altar boy]
  40. Vo, Viet as [History Teacher]
  41. Winning, David (II) as [Mr. Daron]
  42. Wise, Yetunde as [2nd School Student]
  43. Adams, Tatiana as [2nd School Student]
  44. Alonso, Sally as [Judgmental church lady]
  45. Amosco, Adelina as [Eleanor] <1>
  46. Aquino, Ivory as [Dream sister - same age] <4>
  47. Bedula, Amanda as [1st School Student]
  48. Biggs, Samantha as [1st School Student]
  49. Blaustein, Leonila as [Grandma's friend]
  50. Brown, Giovanna as [2nd School Student]
  51. Brown, Karen (XVII) as [Assistant Corp. Counsel]
  52. Carmona, Vanessa as [Carly] <7>
  53. Changho, Kathleen as [Ms. Gutierrez] <3>
  54. Chow, Ann (III) as [Jessica]
  55. Coccurello, Brianna as [Small child's hands]
  56. Coccurello, Kayla as [Small child's hands]
  57. Cosmiano, Cecilia E. as [Grandma's church friend]
  58. Cosmiano, Julia Luise as [Church congregation]
  59. Cosmiano, Lulu as [Alex's church friend]
  60. Cosmiano, Princess Lulu as [Church congregation]
  61. Davis, Demi as [Criminal Lady 1]
  62. De Jesus, Norma as [Church congregation]
  63. Dennett, Lisa as [Corrections Officer, Youth Service Officer]
  64. Dirksen, Angela as [Police Woman]
  65. Donovan, Susan (V) as [Math teacher]
  66. Elliott, Nicole (II) as [Smoking Girl]
  67. Gamell, Susan A. as [Church congregation]
  68. Gonazles, Gigi as [Church congregation]
  69. Gripper, Jessica as [Lulu]
  70. Hellquist, Alexandra as [Bully - Lilah]
  71. Himadeh, Sarah as [Bully - Alexis]
  72. Hondbrebueno, Nancy as [Church congregation]
  73. Jimena, Elizabeth as [Church congregation]
  74. Johansen, Elisa as [Toddler]
  75. Johansen, Mia as [Little girl]
  76. Kanhai, Nichole as [Jamie]
  77. Kelley, Marjie (I) as (as Lady Jai) [Corrections Officer, BS Inmate]
  78. Laurencio, Conchita as [Church congregation]
  79. Lee, Estella as [1st School Student]
  80. Lopez, Lerubi (I) as [1st School Student]
  81. Maldonado, Anita as [Older woman's hand]
  82. Manos, Joslaine as [Church congregation]
  83. Manos, Josly as [Church congregation]
  84. Manos, Lylith as [Church congregation]
  85. Manos, Merelle as [Church congregation]
  86. Manos, Merlina as [Church congregation]
  87. McGarry, Frances as [English Teacher]
  88. Medrano, Cely as [Judgmental church lady]
  89. Minoza, Anabelle as [Church congregation]
  90. Moon, Jenny as [Anna Kuze] <5>
  91. Moravec, Norma as [Grandma's friend]
  92. Negri, Victoria as [Boy-Crazy Girl]
  93. Newberg, Sandy as [2nd Judge]
  94. Noebel, Florence as [Church congregation]
  95. O Brien, Shirley Cuyugan as [Grandma] <2>
  96. Parico, Eleanor as [Church congregation]
  97. Perez, Maria Luisa as [Church congregation]
  98. Powers, Kayla as [Larger child's hand]
  99. Rodriguez, Solanyi as [Criminal Lady 2]
  100. Rogers, Laura (IX) as [1st School Student]
  101. Romano, Maria (VII) as [1st School Student]
  102. Sams, dL as [Ms. Francis]
  103. Schmitt, Megan (I) as [1st School Student]
  104. Simpson, Laura as [Handcuffed Kid 2]
  105. Skeeter, Daphne as [High School Administrator]
  106. Souffrant, Jean as [Handcuffed Kid 1]
  107. Steinzor, Cazzie as [1st School Student]
  108. Van Vlack, Steph as [Blood Teacher]
  109. Vandiver, Laura as [2nd School Student]
  110. Villadiego, Rita as [Church congregation]
  111. Villadiego-Punto, Virginia as [Church congregation]
  112. Villanueva, Nelia as [Church congregation]
  113. Wang, Jaqueline as [1st School Student]
  114. Wittayakit, Narita as [Toddler]
  115. Yee, Madeline as [Bully - Sara]


  1. Drama


  1. Gulick, Cath

Film Editors

  1. Kinder, Cate

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. New York, NY, USA