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(Hollywood) USA

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5.1/ 10 (156 Votes)

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Production Company
Fox Television Studios [us]
Universal Cable Productions [us]

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All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 4 January 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Amoruso, Frank as [Senior Gambler]
  2. Arden, Michael (II) as <8>
  3. Benitez, Kyle as [Pedro] <13>
  4. Boushebel, Danny as [Abu Dhabi Man]
  5. Carrigan, Anthony as [Marino Puzzo] <3>
  6. Castiglione, Duke as [Game Announcer] <40>
  7. Coppola, Sam (II) as [Vinnie] <24>
  8. Cruz, Victor (II) as [Jose] <22>
  9. Darragh, Patch as [Rudy Young] <9>
  10. Davis, Alan (XIV) as [Party Hipster]
  11. Ellis, Gabriel as [Stock Boy]
  12. Esposito, Giancarlo (I) as [Oliver Ohrt] <5>
  13. Fontas, Steven as [Dog Walker]
  14. Forsi, Theodore John as (uncredited) [Man in Black]
  15. Guttman, Ronald as [Wally] <18>
  16. Homie, Blaze Ya Dead as [Blaze]
  17. Howard, Arliss (I) as <11>
  18. Linea, Al as [Italian Counterman] <41>
  19. Madrox, Jamie (I) as [Madrox]
  20. Maharaj, Kenneth as (as Ken Maharaj) [Taxi Driver] <36>
  21. Maher, Matthew as [Danny] <19>
  22. Meturic, Paul as [Monoxide] <28>
  23. Monoxide as [Monoxide]
  24. Naito, Jun as [Japanese Waiter] <35>
  25. Nascarella, Arthur J. as (as Arthur Nascarella) [Anthony] <23>
  26. Navaja, Flaco as [Angel] <21>
  27. O Connor, Xavier as [Transvestite Hooker]
  28. Ocasio, Cameron as [Tommy] <26>
  29. Pasquale, Steven as [Paul Keller] <1>
  30. Perrone, Mark as (uncredited) [Gamblers Anonymous member]
  31. Point-Du Jour, Hubert as [Jamal] <20>
  32. Ralff, Wyatt as [Bespectacled Boy] <32>
  33. Rispoli, Michael as <7>
  34. Seddon, Harry L. as (as Harry Seddon) [Three Card Monte Guy] <38>
  35. Sesma, Thom as <10>
  36. Spanolo, Jamie as [Jamie Madrox] <27>
  37. Tormey, John as [Louie] <25>
  38. Uzimann, Naeem as
  39. Weaver, Paul (V) as [Sushi bar patron]
  40. Weiss, Zohren as [Trucker Hat] <37>
  41. Angela, Sharon as [Teresa] <15>
  42. Buckvar, Alexandria as [Extra Communion Girl]
  43. Dhavernas, Caroline as [Vicky Keller] <2>
  44. Diaz, Flora as [Frida] <17>
  45. Ferrin, Jennifer as [Hailey] <6>
  46. Gonzalez, Mandy (I) as [Ashley] <29>
  47. Holzman, Meredith as [Marta] <30>
  48. Jain, Kendra as [Nunzia] <12>
  49. Kelly, Allison (III) as [Pool Girl]
  50. Malina, Judith as [Catherine] <14>
  51. McKee, Danielle as [Marianne]
  52. Ojeda, Catia as [Becca] <31>
  53. Sloan, Sasha as [Liliana] <4>
  54. Stern, Jenny Seastone as (as Jenny Seastone-Stern) [Girl Outside Club] <39>
  55. Testa, Mary as [Carla] <16>
  56. Tomlinson, Katie Erin as [Woman in Restaurant] <34>
  57. Tribbey, Amy as [Type-A Mom] <33>


  1. Drama

Full Plot

Paul Keller (Steven Pasquale - "Rescue Me") is a hedge fund manager with a gambling problem who is fired after a bad deal costs his firm millions. Shut out of the job market, he and his wife Vicky (Caroline Dhavernas - "Wonderfalls") retreat to a Brooklyn neighborhood on the cusp of gentrification where she has a photography studio in a renovated brownstone. Paul finds an unlikely partner in their neighbor Marino, (Anthony Carrigan - "Parenthood") a young, straight-shooting, mathematical prodigy whose family business has money problems of its own. Their friendship begins to reveal that both men need each other more than they'd like to admit, and Vicky finds an unlikely new line of work. JStarch Plot not found

Movie Certificate

TV-14 (USA)


  1. Ahlgren, Martin

Dress Designers

  1. Zakowska, Donna


USA Network [us] - (2011) (USA) (TV) (cable)

Film Editors

  1. MacDonald, Skip


  1. Bisson, David E. (assistant production coordinator)
  2. Bonardi, Rebecca (production secretary)
  3. Howard, Rosemary (II) (stand-in) (uncredited)
  4. Lee, Wellington (I) (location scout)
  5. Miskiewicz, Chris (stand-in: Steven Pasquale) (uncredited)
  6. Pyritz, Delora (location scout)
  7. Rickling, Chelsea (assistant: Jonathan Starch)
  8. Shelly, Priya (location coordinator)
  9. Stergiou, Nick (I) (production assistant)
  10. Williams, Joshua (III) (key production assistant)
  11. Wolf, Jonathan (I) (production accountant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Clinton Diner, Maspeth, Queens, New York City, New York, USA - (restaurant)
  2. Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA