Philomena (2014) Movie

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Production Company
BBC Films [gb]
Baby Cow Productions [gb]
British Film Institute (BFI) [gb]
Magnolia Mae Films [us]
Pathé [fr]

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Full Cast

  1. Ali, Fiaz as [Harvester Customer]
  2. Arrowsmith, Paris as [Sam the Bellboy]
  3. Atkins, Xavier as [Michael Hess Aged 14]
  4. Blamires, Hannah as [Party Guest]
  5. Castleman, Paul (II) as [Fairgoer]
  6. Coogan, Steve as [Martin Sixsmith]
  7. Davis, Alan (XIV) as [Lincoln Memorial Tourist]
  8. Edwards, Charles (VI) as [David]
  9. Gonzalez, Shawn as [Hotel vallet]
  10. Haughey, Dónal as [Declan]
  11. Jillard Sr., John as [Lincoln Memorial Tourist]
  12. Johseph, Vaughn as [Hotel Receptionist]
  13. Julio, Romeo as [Passenger]
  14. LaRon, Marcus as (uncredited) [Jogger]
  15. Lilburn, Gary as [Priest]
  16. Mahaffey, Elliott as [Hotel Guest]
  17. Mahon, Sean as [Michael Hess]
  18. Matthews, Stuart (II) as [Fairgoer]
  19. Morris, Jon Lee as [Churchgoer]
  20. Ruben, Eddie as [Airport Customer]
  21. Sotto, Al as [Pedestrian]
  22. Vincent, Mark (VII) as [Jogging Guy]
  23. Wennington, Jon as [Congregation member]
  24. Wick, Ryan (II) as [Michael's Colleague]
  25. Appleton, Victoria Jane as [Irish Waitress]
  26. Clark, Sophie Kennedy as [Young Philomena]
  27. Dench, Judi as [Philomena Lee]
  28. Fynn, Nichola as [Waitress]
  29. Keith-Roach, Florence as [Check In Operator]
  30. Krinks, Charlotte as [Fallen Girl]
  31. Lahbib, Simone as [Kate Sixsmith]
  32. Mantuano, Patricia as [Hotel Guest]
  33. McCabe, Ruth (I) as [Mother Barbara]
  34. Vollono, Julie as [Passenger]


  1. Drama

Total Business

SD: 29 October 2012 - 7 January 2013


  1. Ryan, Robbie (I)

Dress Designers

  1. Boyle, Consolata

Film Editors

  1. Bonelli, Valerio


  1. Achard, Joe (assistant location manager)
  2. Bonner, Alex Lee (production assistant)
  3. Bredbenner, Sean (production assistant)
  4. Brodie, James (unit security)
  5. Chinnery-wright, Jack (unit security)
  6. Cox, Daniel (IX) (key floor runner)
  7. Crane, Damon (assistant location manager)
  8. Crawford, Oliver (III) (assistant production co-ordinator)
  9. Davis, Rebecca (VII) (assistant location manager)
  10. Geary, Catherine (location manager: NI)
  11. Gladstone, Alex (location manager)
  12. Godbout, David (II) (production assistant)
  13. Gordon, Sam (IV) (producers asssistant)
  14. Guenther, Patrick (production assistant)
  15. Gundry, Alfred 'Fred' (production assistant)
  16. Lundy, Jana (first assistant accountant)
  17. Naprous, Camilla (horsemaster)
  18. Porter, Bradley (assistant to ms. seaward)
  19. Rice-Edwards, Hallam (production coordinator)
  20. Rickwood, Jason (set production assistant)
  21. Roberts, Jacqueline (I) (payroll accountant)
  22. Sanders, Jan Hopper (script supervisor: US)
  23. Stafford, Deryn (production coordinator)
  24. Stephenson, Peter (VI) (production secretary)
  25. Tam, May (II) (production coordinator: Washington D.C.)

Other Titles

  1. The Lost Child of Philomena Lee (2014) (ENG)
    (International: English title) (original script title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Ireland
  2. Potomac, Maryland, USA
  3. London, England, UK
  4. Potomac, Maryland, USA
  5. Poolesville, Maryland, USA