Pimp (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Long Shot Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2014

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Full Cast

  1. Hunter, Harry as [Sir Charles]
  2. Kalish, Doug as [Judge Wainwright]
  3. Kap, John as [Drunk Man]
  4. Kelly, Robert (XXXI) as [Robert]
  5. Lundy, Escalante as [Lenny Lyle]
  6. McMahan, Cody (II) as [Garage Attendant]
  7. Mussenden, Miles as [Thurgood Brown]
  8. Rose, Jeff (I) as [Kevin]
  9. Tavernaro, Richard (I) as [Alan Reed]
  10. Trivette, Alpha as [Lewis Slaton]
  11. Williams, Gregory Alan as [Judge Morgen]
  12. Bardine, Ella as [Britney]
  13. Canterbury, Clair Danielle as [Sissy]
  14. Core, Melissa as [Working Girl]
  15. Grant, Tasia as [Liza]
  16. Harris, Secret as [Gloria]
  17. Kensler, Shelley as [Abby]
  18. Kimsey, Debi as [Ice Queen]
  19. Kovacs, Nicole (II) as [Vivian]
  20. Lavassani, Amanda as [Becky]
  21. Li-Sanchez, Ivette as [Josie]
  22. Lipman, Rebecca (II) as [Laura]
  23. Maddox, Dana Nicole as [Amy]
  24. Mensah-Woode, Joana as [Darnel]
  25. Norman, Baby as [Tricksy]
  26. Page, Erica as [Roxie Sabo]
  27. Paige, Holly as [Drunk Woman]
  28. Pulido, Laura (II) as [Nicole]
  29. Riddell, Taylor as [Bobbie]
  30. Vickery, Kim as [Connie]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

This is a true story about the gritty underbelly of Atlanta in the 1970s. It's the story of Jack, a young criminal defense attorney takes any work he can in order to pay the bills. One of the quickest and easiest way to earn a living is to represent the working girls on the street when the get arrested and eventually be becomes known as the "hooker lawyer". He becomes increasingly involved in this subculture and eventually becomes a Pimp to several of them. Pimp is the story of the working girls and the madames. Good cops and bad cops. The "good old boy" legal system in Atlanta. The "hooker commission", elected by the other hookers to regulate the streets of Atlanta (and to send out the enforcers should the rules be broken). It's a story of love and betrayal - friendship and murder. Richard Tavernaro It was an era, the seventies, disco reigned supreme. It was a time the notorious roamed Atlanta. It was a time of good cops and bad cops. A time of shoot-outs in Buckhead, bodies in the trunks of cars, ambushes on Riverside, porno wars, car bombings, and creative money laundering that set the standard. The elixir of the day: Jack Daniels, Quaaludes and Cocaine. It was a time before sex could kill you, and that fact was exploited to the fullest. For some, sex was a commodity - an article of commerce. A time of working girls ranging from streetwalkers to diamond girls to penthouse madams. Atlanta was a Mecca for hookers, homegrown and imported. The seemingly endless stream of working girls gave rise to the formation of the "Hooker Commission." The Commission was composed of working girls elected to office. The Commission dictated professional standards of conduct, assigned working areas, held hearings and enforced their edicts. The commission ruled with ruthless efficiency. Jack has a brilliant future as a criminal defense attorney. Alex is a highly successful madam nearing the end of her career. Niki has an uncertain future as a streetwalker. And they all cross paths somewhere in the middle of the "War Zone." Robert Kelly Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 12,900,000


  1. Miller, Cathryn (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Atlanta, Georgia