Pop, Lock 'n Roll (2014) Movie

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South Africa

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AMARIAM Productions [za]
Joziewood Films [za]

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Release Date
(South Africa) - March 2014

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Get the moves right. Hit the mic right. Then get the girl, right?


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Raps, ambitious, smart and young, lives in the Cape Flats and works as a tour guide in the city. When he gets mistaken as a professional dancer and offered a job, he grabs the opportunity with both hands, because he might not be professional, but Raps never refuses an offer when moneys on the table. His talent catches the eye of the club's owner, Valentine, a music producer, and gangster, who gets him a record deal and sets him on the road to success. But Raps is falling in love with Queen, Valentines girlfriend, a star in her own right, and even though acting on their feelings could destroy their careers and end their lives, Queen and Raps are unable to fight their hearts. When Valentine discovers the truth, and in a fit of rage, he throws Raps out of the window, crippling him. Raps, now fully aware of Valentine and Queen's abusive relationship, puts together a plan to put his career back on track, and win back his ultimate prize - Queen. Ziggy Hofmeyr Plot not found

Total Business

BT: ZAR 5,900,000


  1. Lapière, Manu


Indigenous Film Distribution [za] - (2013) (South Africa) (theatrical)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa - (exterior scenes)