Prep School (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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Technical Support
CAM:Sony PMW-F3, Zeiss Super Speed Lenses

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Full Cast

  1. Bellamy, Ben as [Caleb Zechman] <3>
  2. Brookins, Stephen as [Greg Markham] <5>
  3. Cain, Brandon as [Guardians Rugby Player]
  4. Finlay-McLennan, Stewart as [Coach Winters] <6>
  5. Helt, Brian J. as [Guardians Rugby Player]
  6. Jaochico, Frederic as [St. Eligius Student]
  7. Lambert, Taylor as [Tom Warner] <2>
  8. Layus, Marius as [Jimmy] <15>
  9. Lyons, Jack (VII) as [Cab Driver]
  10. MacDougall, Chris as [Referee]
  11. Madanat, Jameel as [Rugby Player]
  12. Madrigal, Chris as [Guardians Rugby Player]
  13. Madrigal, Larry as [Guardians Rugby Player] <16>
  14. McEntee, Sam as [St. Eligius Student]
  15. Murray, Paul (XXIV) as [Officer Murray] <19>
  16. Nguyen, Vinh (III) as [Rugby Player]
  17. Reisman, Beebe as [Julianne] <14>
  18. Ridenour, Hunter as [St. Eligius Student]
  19. Riley, Jonathan (III) as [Derek] <9>
  20. Rohner, Clayton as [Dr. Swanson] <7>
  21. Rover, Ray as [Marco] <11>
  22. Schmidt, Jeffrey (II) as [Guardians Rugby Player]
  23. Scott, Austin (I) as [Tony Graham] <4>
  24. Sims, Lewis as [Dr. Brooks] <8>
  25. Sladek, Paul as [Guardians Rugby Player]
  26. Stoner, Kyle (II) as [Guardians Rugby Player]
  27. Talwalkar, Kapil as [Joe] <17>
  28. Aiassa, Francesca as [St. Eligius Student]
  29. Battista, Gabby (I) as [St. Eligius Student]
  30. Bruno, Brittney as [St. Eligius Student]
  31. Devin, Bettina as (voice) [Tom's Mother] <20>
  32. Dwyer, Kirsten as [St. Eligius Student]
  33. Gudiel, Kim as [St. Eligius Student]
  34. Haegglund, Britt as [St. Eligius Student]
  35. Hepworth, Scarlett as [Greg's Therapist] <13>
  36. Jewell, Hannah as [St. Eligius Student]
  37. Marks, Hannah (II) as [Ruth] <10>
  38. Morrison, Frannie as [Rachel]
  39. Patel, Sejal (II) as [Joe's Girlfriend] <18>
  40. Schroeder, Carly as [Kyra Matheson] <1>


  1. Drama
  2. Sport

Total Business

SD: 5 August 2012 - 30 August 2012

Music Composers

  1. Lynch, Timothy (V)


  1. Nottage, Spenser T.

Dress Designers

  1. Wells, Andi

Film Editors

  1. Lynch, Sean Nichols (as Ian McGuinness)


  1. Churchill III, Thomas (script supervisor)
  2. Clark, Shannon (X) (production assistant)
  3. McDonald, Sam (II) (production assistant)
  4. Sterrett, Brittany (production assistant)
  5. Wilson, Cait (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Daly City, California, USA
  2. Lafayette, California, USA
  3. Walnut Creek, California, USA
  4. Concord, California, USA
  5. South San Francisco, California, USA
  6. Treasure Island, San Francisco Bay, California, USA
  7. San Francisco, California, USA


- Prior to the casting of English actor 'Ben Bellamy' (qv) and Australian actor 'Stewart Finlay-McLennan' (qv), the characters Caleb and Coach Winters were written as Americans.