Project Evolution (2013) Movie

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Aim High Productions [gb]

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When Man challenges Nature... Nature strikes back


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Full Cast

  1. Aamer, Hayat as [Dr. Raj]
  2. Chambers, Ben as [Matthew Mortimer]
  3. Cowlin, Chris as (as Christopher Cowlin) [Waiter]
  4. Gopaul, Anthony as [Sam Malone]
  5. Khan, Shiraz as [Dr. Amir Khan]
  6. Kotori, Leila as [Celine Solly]
  7. Langlands, Jamie as [Thug at Restaurant]
  8. Mouradian, Andre as [Dr. Fredrick]
  9. Prowse, Stuart J. as [Jeremy Black]
  10. Skempton, Sam as [Dr. Henry Dick]
  11. Toretto, Robert as [Dr. Peter Carlos]
  12. Williams, Ross (XXIV) as [Chess Grandmaster]
  13. France, Tara as (rumored) [Dr. Jemina]
  14. Gliberry, Claire as [Helena Jane]
  15. Ronaghan, Lisa as [Sian Wilcox]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

Dr Amir Khan is a brilliant scientist who has conquered the world of science. He heads the Genetic department at the Eureka Institute of Research. He decides to push the very frontiers of science by challenging Nature itself! He proposes the Next stage of Human Evolution by Altering Human Genes. A proposal not met with favour by his Institute who duly close the Project. Undettered Dr Amir decides to go ahead with the project regardless. Despite objection from his dearest friend and fellow scientist Helena. He starts working in secret and begins a video diary to record the changes brought about by this experiment. At first there is great elation when his project seems to be a success. Enhancing his Mental and Physical capabilities further. A fact not missed by a Jealous fellow scientist Dr Peter Carlos who tries to steal the idea. But then nature strikes back and negative side effects begin to manifest themselves. Time is running out for Dr Amir as he struggles to reverse the effects. Will he succeed? Can he save himself. Can nature be truly conquered or does nature always strike back? Shiraz Khan Plot not found

Total Business

BT: GBP 10,000


  1. Skempton, Sam

Film Editors

  1. Skempton, Sam