Psychotic State (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
YoungProductions36 [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 13 October 2013

Running Time

The Bullying Stops Here!

bully, horror-art, psychotic-state,

Technical Support
RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Brooks, Conrad as [Grandpa] <7>
  2. Comer, Samantha as [Shelly] <15>
  3. Czzowitz, Debra as [Rest Patron/Girl Finds dead bully] <45>
  4. Delattre, Julian as [Bully] <33>
  5. Erke, Brandon as [Creeper] <31>
  6. Ginsberg, Adam (III) as [Tommy Young] <2>
  7. Hanna, Dante as [Friend/Bar Patron] <42>
  8. Held, Robert (II) as [Young Alex] <12>
  9. Hepner, Troy as [Redneck#2] <21>
  10. Hudnall, Chris as [Waiter] <41>
  11. Manns, Norris as [Hugo's Cook] <54>
  12. Massey, Shannon as [Dead Kid] <46>
  13. O Neal, Alex as [Young David Coleman] <10>
  14. O Neal, Gabriel as [Teenage Alex] <13>
  15. O Neill, Randy (II) as [Redneck #4] <23>
  16. Price II, John R. as [Detective Chase] <5>
  17. Ramos Jr., Asuncion as [Kevin] <9>
  18. Rhodes, Justin (VII) as [Dj Sinnah] <30>
  19. Richardson, George (VIII) as [Bobbie] <17>
  20. Rocluckto as [Gangster Chicken] <44>
  21. Rogers, Josh (III) as [Redneck #1] <20>
  22. Rogers, Ron (VI) as [Rest and Bar patron] <48>
  23. Rounds, Joe as [Redneck #3] <22>
  24. Rutland, John (II) as [Jerry Coleman] <3>
  25. Schmidt, Donovain as [Kid in rest] <51>
  26. Schmidt, Jamie as [Rest patron] <55>
  27. Scott, Charles (XIX) as [Goat/aka bar patron/aka rest patron/aka strip club patron] <32>
  28. Seymour, Andrew (III) as [Brian] <24>
  29. Smith, Mat (III) as [Field Party DJ/Bar and Rest Patron] <37>
  30. Smith, Myron (II) as [Officer Johnson] <6>
  31. Tiderington, Greg Russell as [Barry] <8>
  32. Trani, Tristan as [Teenage David Coleman] <11>
  33. West, Michael Slaughter as [Jason] <19>
  34. Whitlow, Joshua as [Grimm] <16>
  35. Young, Derek (V) as [David Coleman] <1>
  36. Atkinson, Tracy as [Strip club Bartender] <39>
  37. Bristol, Cleo as [Rest patron] <50>
  38. Childers, Amanda as [Tabitha] <26>
  39. Cox, Crystal (VII) as [Field Party Dj'sGirlfriend/Bar and Rest Patron] <38>
  40. Elliot, Sandra as [Hugo's Waitress/Bartender/and cashier] <53>
  41. Ferguson-Wright, Sarah as [Teresa/Bubbles] <27>
  42. Frink, Kayla as [Kid in rest] <52>
  43. Greenfield, Denise as [Kate Coleman] <4>
  44. Gómez, Meww as (as Meww Gomez) [Tonya/Serenity] <28>
  45. Howell, Crystal as [Stacey] <18>
  46. Konkin, Amanda as [Stephanie] <14>
  47. Parks, Vicki (II) as [Restaurant Hostess Jessica] <36>
  48. Phillips, Judy as [Bar/Rest Patron] <43>
  49. Phillips, Karen (VI) as [Ms Fox] <25>
  50. Reid, Ivory as [Jasmine/Ecstacy] <29>
  51. Rogers, Danna (II) as [Waitress] <49>
  52. Rogers, Lucy (IV) as [Rest patron] <47>
  53. Rose, Jocelyn (II) as [Jade] <35>
  54. Schmidt, Tabitha as [Tessa waitress and friend] <34>
  55. Trani, Julie as [Strip club Hostess] <40>


  1. Drama
  2. Horror
  3. Thriller

Full Plot

David Coleman spends his whole life looking to fit in. He is constantly bullied and screwed over by his so called friends. He finally has the family he had always wanted when his foster mom dies of Cancer. Now his life is nothing but hell. Thinking his bi-polar medication isn't helping him at all he quits taking them against the orders of his psychiatrist. When he accidentally kills one of his bullies he feels a bit of satisfaction that leads to a meticulous serial killer in the making. Derek Young Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 75,000

Music Composers

  1. Goulden, Wayne (tracks)
  2. Madcox, Mary (score)

Film Editors

  1. Young, Derek (V)


- Director/Actor Derek Young is in this for the realism. After throwing himself to the floor several times he realized he could see he was catching himself so for one last fall he throws himself the way he should. One problem with the his head bounced off the floor and he thought for a moment he gave himself a concussion. What won't he do to make his role believable.