Quad (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Gilbert Films [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Anderson, Gabriel as [Young Ross]
  2. Berenger, Tom as [Jerry]
  3. Berryman, Kirk as [Christine's Boyfriend]
  4. Colligan, Patrick as [Robber #2]
  5. Coughlin, Davis as [Baseball Player]
  6. Daniels, Jeff (I) as [Mickey]
  7. David Parker, Wayne as [Sasha]
  8. Ellison, Michael (III) as [Therapist John]
  9. Goteri, Richard as [Italian Club Owner]
  10. Hauser, Paul Walter as [Trent]
  11. Lee, Kef as [Robber #1]
  12. Matti, Bryan as [Driver]
  13. Muzzey, Brandon as [Young Adam]
  14. Paul, Aaron (I) as
  15. Sardarov, Yuri as (as Yuriy Sardarov) [Nick Kahn]
  16. Sizemore, Tom as [Lucky]
  17. Tilney, Kevin as [Bar patron]
  18. Waugh, Jason as [Overweight Aide]
  19. Weston, Michael (I) as [Ross]
  20. Arnold, Valentina as [Young Arlene]
  21. Edwards, Tiffani Elise as [Bar Patron]
  22. Estes, Stephanie (II) as [Hot Girl]
  23. Giacalone, Chantel as [Nina]
  24. Koenig, Stephanie as [Brandy]
  25. Lattimer, Liz as [Friend]
  26. Levinson, Madge as [Older Woman]
  27. Linsley, Linda as [Hospital Nurse]
  28. Lucio, Shannon as [Christine]
  29. Olin, Lena as [Yevgeina]
  30. Port, Debra as [Julia]
  31. Weston, Celia as [Arlene]
  32. Wilson, Inga R. as [Suzy]


  1. Drama


  1. Datum, Tobias

Dress Designers

  1. Wood, Durinda


  1. Angle, Right (production assistant)
  2. Arrigo, Mike (production secretary)
  3. Baghdadchi, Iden (production assistant)
  4. Baker, Jax (assistant production coordinator)
  5. Bell, Corbin (assistant to director)
  6. Berry, Mary (I) (production coordinator)
  7. Campbell, Todd F. (location scout)
  8. Champine, Jordan (production assistant)
  9. Chau, Lisa (accounting clerk)
  10. Clippard, Tom (craft service)
  11. Cohen, Wendy (I) (production resources)
  12. Constas, Chris-Teena (key assistant location manager)
  13. Constas, George (location manager)
  14. Coyne, Noreen (first assistant accountant)
  15. Dehdashti, Ideene (set production assistant)
  16. Durling, Brian (production assistant)
  17. Feeley, Erin (script supervisor)
  18. Grujic, Lora (production assistant)
  19. Hanna, Derrick (location intern)
  20. Jasionowski, Mary (II) (production accountant)
  21. Mahaney, Christine (animal trainer)
  22. Meier, Paul (I) (dialect coach to Ms. Olin)
  23. Murphy, Alan (V) (payroll accountant)
  24. Penn, Marilyn (post production accountant)
  25. Rogers, Todd (IV) (set medic)
  26. Stockwell, Kaelin (production assistant)
  27. Surendran, Anita (production counsel)
  28. Tankard, Raymond (location scout)
  29. Waddell, Lana (production assistant) (as Lana Rivkina)
  30. Wooten, Brian (I) (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Michigan, USA