Queen of Media (2011) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
7.3/ 10 (11 Votes)

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Production Company
Guardian Entertainment [us]

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Running Time


three-word-title, title-in-title,

Technical Support
RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Bimbo, Donta as [Skel]
  2. Boatman, Michael (I) as [Robert]
  3. Buda (II) as [Funk's Sidekick]
  4. Carrington, James b as [Bently]
  5. Chaney, Tray as [Chris]
  6. Criss, Anthony Treach as [WSP Dealer #1]
  7. DeBarge, Chico as [Rick]
  8. Gideon, Lance as [Thug #1]
  9. Glover, Anwan as [WSP Dealer #2]
  10. Goralnick, Jerry as [Kiss Producer]
  11. Grant, Oliver Power as [Kevin]
  12. Haynes, Christian as [Guy #2]
  13. Johnson, Rahman as [Mr. Williams]
  14. Kelly, Gerald as [DJ Funky Funk]
  15. King, Lamont as [Star Wash Manager]
  16. Lynch, Greg (V) as [Daddy P]
  17. Meakem, Bruce as [Larry-Hot 96 PD]
  18. O Neal, Michael (VI) as [Young Tommy]
  19. Pacheco, Victor as [Sidekick #2]
  20. Parker, Dwayne as [97 Kiss Executive]
  21. Payano, Roger as [College Boyfriend]
  22. Red Alert, Kool DJ as [Red Alert]
  23. Rhodes, Kerry as [Kerry]
  24. Senior, Delzonia as [Chauffeur]
  25. Sharpton, Al as [Himself]
  26. Songz, Trey as [Trey]
  27. Starr, Fredro as [Lamont]
  28. Stover, James as [97 Kiss PD]
  29. Taffe, Akil as [Hot 102.5 DJ]
  30. Thomas, Valence as [Guy in Car]
  31. Whitaker, Arlando as [Sidekick #1]
  32. Yopp, John as [Doctor]
  33. Zachary, Javon as [Daddy P]
  34. Carty, Linnet as [Mrs. Johnson]
  35. Chen, Baiyu as [Bank Teller]
  36. Davis, Chandra as (as Deelishis) [Baby Momma]
  37. Denton, Sandra Pepa as [Pepa]
  38. Drake, Leslie (II) as [Clinic Girl #2]
  39. Givens, Robin as [Wendy Williams]
  40. Goolcharan, Marsha as [Shelly]
  41. Grove, Alicia as [College Roommate]
  42. Hawkins, Chelsea as [Neighborhood Girl #1]
  43. James, Cheryl Salt as [Salt]
  44. Johnnay as [Neighborhood Girl #3]
  45. Johnson, Sheria as [Female Singer #1]
  46. Jones, Jeannie (II) as [Rental Agent]
  47. Kos, Kristen as [White Lady]
  48. Krueger, Bracha (I) as [Singer #3]
  49. Mallory, Noreen as [TV Reporter]
  50. McCollum, Kristin as [College Friend #2]
  51. Millbourne, Latrice as [Female Singer #2]
  52. Rivera, Dove as [Clinic Girl #1]
  53. Roberts, Jade (V) as [Neighborhood Girl #2]
  54. Robinson, Dawn as [Wok Pd]
  55. Saccio, Sophie as [White Girl]
  56. Shepherd, Tiffany as [Mrs. Williams]
  57. Thomas, Rudy as [Wanda]
  58. Vidale, Thea as [Salon Manager]
  59. Webb, Tiffani as [Girl in Car]
  60. Williams, Wendy (V) as [Herself]


  1. Biography

Total Business

BT: USD 3,000,000


  1. Miller, Richard S.

Dress Designers

  1. Crutchfield, Alisha


  1. Turner, Clem (legal services)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. New York, USA