Queens of the World (2011) {{SUSPENDED}} Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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on the pitch of life, there is no game without love

child-abuse, lesbian, love, soccer, women's-soccer, young-love,

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Full Cast

  1. Caster, Nikki as [Niko Taylor]
  2. Clunie, Michelle as [Vicky Connor]
  3. Keener, Elizabeth (I) as [Adrienne Kessler]
  4. Pacent, Nicole as [Maggie Connor]
  5. Roberts, Tanya as [Caroline Taylor]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

When Maggie Connor steps onto the soccer pitch, there's only one thing that matters above all: perseverance, no matter what the obstacles...until she meets high school transplant, Niko Taylor, a brash, confident, wild child who shows up to play and gives Maggie a run for her money. Maggie and Niko go head to head, battling for control, until they find a commonality, until the mutual love and respect for the game and life has them falling in love with one another. But when the beauty and poignancy of a deep first love is trampled on by violence, Maggie and Niko have to figure out how to survive on their own on and off the pitch, as they both work to obtain the only things that ever brought them together to begin with: love and the game. Traveling from New England to California, Queens of the World, embarks on a journey of first love between two athletes who know no boundaries as they try to make their way to the elusive Women's Professional Soccer arena, just so they can say they beat the odds...just to play one more day. Me Robertson Plot not found


  1. Cozen-McNally, Josh (director of business development)


Maggie Connor: Whether they're 17 or not, in reading the script, I got incredibly into the intimate scenes with them because it doesn't matter what we show.