Romeo and Juliet (2013) Movie

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Production Company
Amber Entertainment [gb]
Indiana Production Company [it]
Swarovski Entertainment [ch]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Ireland) - 25 October 2013
(UK) - 25 October 2013
(New Zealand) - 14 February 2014

Running Time


based-on-play, shakespeare's-romeo-and-juliet,

Technical Support

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Full Cast

  1. Alexander, Anton as [Abraham]
  2. Arana, Tomas as [Lord Montague]
  3. Booth, Douglas as [Romeo] <2>
  4. Cooke, Christian (I) as [Mercutio]
  5. Cotterell, Marcus J. as [Second Capulet Servant]
  6. Giamatti, Paul as [Friar Laurence] <3>
  7. Grancagnolo, Simone as [Novice]
  8. Lewis, Damian (I) as [Lord Capulet]
  9. Patresi, Matt as [First capulet servant]
  10. Patti, Stefano (II) as [Jack]
  11. Pedroni, Federico as (uncredited) [Tybalt's Young Supporter]
  12. Quaglia, Marco as [Farmer]
  13. Riche, Clive as [Peter]
  14. Scott, Fabrice as [Watchman] <14>
  15. Skarsgård, Stellan as [Prince of Verona]
  16. Smit-McPhee, Kodi as [Benvolio]
  17. Vitali, Leon (I) as [Apothecary]
  18. Westwick, Ed as [Tybalt]
  19. Wisdom, Tom (I) as [Paris]
  20. Caparrini, Simona as [Female Guest]
  21. Corti, Valentina as [Young Female Servant]
  22. Manville, Lesley as [The Nurse]
  23. McElhone, Natascha as [Lady Capulet]
  24. Morante, Laura as [Lady Montague]
  25. Paternostro, Sandra as [Capulet Maid]
  26. Rapti Gomez, Nathalie as [Rosaline] <11>
  27. Sellers, Mary as [Farmer's Wife]
  28. Steinfeld, Hailee as [Juliet] <1>


  1. Drama
  2. Romance

Music Composers

  1. Horner, James


  1. Tattersall, David

Dress Designers

  1. Poggioli, Carlo

Film Editors

  1. Honess, Peter


  1. Biello, Diego (production staff: Mantova)
  2. Booth, Rebecca (I) (assistant to producer)
  3. Cilia, Sonia (production coordinator)
  4. Cousin, Orsa (production assistant)
  5. De Angelis, Simona (production assistant)
  6. Fedrigoni, Nicola (location manager)
  7. Freda, Jacqueline (horse master)
  8. Griffiths, Rachel (II) (script supervisor)
  9. Iocchi Gratta, Paolo (chief accountant)
  10. Kousetta, Hakan (legal services: Blue Lake)
  11. Maddaluno, Andrea (I) (production assistant)
  12. Naghdi, Kami (legal services)
  13. Nobile, Simona (script coordinator)
  14. Nobile, Simona (talent coordinator)
  15. O'Donnell, James (XIV) (post-production coordinator: for Amber Entertainment)
  16. Paterni, Miuta (post production coordinator)
  17. Potier, Pierluigi (location manager)
  18. Raines, Lynn (studio teacher)
  19. Rosati, Luca John (production assistant)
  20. Rotelli, Stephanie (legal advisor)
  21. Scarpulla, Giuseppe (location manager)
  22. Stefano, Taurino (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Verona, Veneto, Italy
  2. Rome, Lazio, Italy
  3. Mantua, Lombardia, Italy


- 'Lily Collins' (qv) was the original choice for Juliet but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. 'Hailee Steinfeld' (qv) later replaced Collins.

- 'Logan Lerman' (qv), 'Sam Claflin' (qv), 'Josh Hutcherson' (qv) and 'Benjamin Gur' (qv) auditioned for the role of Romeo.

- At one point, 'Paul Wesley (II)' (qv) was attached to play Count Paris.

- 'Damian Lewis (I)' (qv) is playing Juliet's father, Capulet in this film version. 'Claire Danes' (qv) played the title role of Juliet in the previous film adaptation. Both Lewis and Danes star in Showtime's Homeland.