Rulers of Darkness (2013) Movie

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Aventus Films [ca]
Parktown Productions [ca]

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When you search for the truth... You better pray you don't find it.


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Full Cast

  1. Altmann, Mike (I) as [Chilam] <7>
  2. Burke, Corry as [Les McKenzie] <5>
  3. Chichagov, Sasha as [Stefan Berovsky] <6>
  4. Coderre, Timothy Paul (II) as [Charles Thomas] <4>
  5. Finnigan, Tim as [Kruger] <11>
  6. Haq, Hamza as [Asshole] <12>
  7. Lefebvre, Jeff as [Driver]
  8. Slacke, Mark as [Mike Verrucktmann] <3>
  9. Stouffer, Brandon (II) as [Milo] <13>
  10. Surprenant, Olivier as [Dan Thomas] <1>
  11. Cairns, Rachel as [Cheyna McKenzie] <2>
  12. Miller, Grace (III) as [Girl at party]
  13. Mojsej, Jolanta as [Marlene] <8>
  14. Seymour, Helena-Alexis as [Kelly] <10>
  15. Sirois, Genevieve as [Donna Thomas] <7>
  16. Symonds, Cathy as [Merrill] <9>


  1. Sci-Fi
  2. Thriller

Full Plot

The story was inspired by declassified top secret files about the "Falcon Lake Incident", a UFO encounter near the remote town of Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada which occurred on May 20, 1967. 43 years later, a Chicago woman, Donna Thomas is mysteriously killed while studying a rare wild plant in the woods near Falcon Lake. She was staying with her brother the famed UCLA plasma quantum physics research scientist, Dr. Mike Verrücktmann, who came to Falcon Lake to investigate the UFO incident. She was found with part of with her head and torso burned. 2 years later, her son Dan, a disgruntled 20 year old, with his unforgiving conservative Christian father, hits the breaking point with his father and leaves home. He travels to Falcon Lake to stay with his uncle Mike. Shortly after he arrives, he meets a beautiful, alluring young woman, Cheyna, and together they search for answers about his mother's death. They find out more than they want, discovering a strange entity in the woods. When the entity takes an interest in them, the story goes from an adventurous quest for answers to a terrifying life and death show down. Dale Windle Plot not found


  1. MacDonald, Matthew A.


  1. Patrick, Michael (V) (business affairs)