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Cloud Eight Films [gb]

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based-on-book, based-on-novel, betrayal, los-angeles-california, love, sensuality, sexuality, unrequited-love, violence, wild-dog,

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  1. Drama

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Adapted from Toby Barlow's book, Sharp Teeth is an extraordinarily moving, passionate and violent Los Angeles-based tale of unrequited love, involving rival white collar gangs that just happen to be able to turn into wild, primal dogs that run at night in the Southern California arroyos. Alexander Stuart Filled with passion, wrenched apart by unrequited love, Sharp Teeth is the compelling, violent yet deeply moving story of rival Los Angeles gangs (but think Robert De Niro's intelligently structured gang in the movie, Heat, not some bunch of fools) who just happen to be able to transform themselves into wolves and wild dogs who run in the canyons and arroyos of Southern California's nighttime wilderness. Alexander Stuart In the criminal hinterlands of Los Angeles, the LAPD investigates a spate of ferocious gangland killings. Undercover cop Anthony, following a clue trail leading to local dog pounds, is about to stray into darker and more sinister territory than his most terrifying nightmares. Cloud Eight Films Plot not found


- "In all these tales the dog is the innocent shooting star we all wish upon until it burns up, aging fast and disappearing behind our jagged horizons" - from Toby Barlow's book, Sharp Teeth.