Single Moms Club (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
34th Street Films [us]
Lionsgate [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 9 May 2014

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Full Cast

  1. Alfonso, Kenny as [David's Attorney]
  2. Black, Jon (IV) as [Hillary's Son]
  3. Black, Wyatt as [Hillary's Son]
  4. Carrigan, Sean as [Tony]
  5. Carver, Derek (II) as [David Massey]
  6. Cibrian, Eddie as
  7. Crews, Terry (I) as
  8. Eggold, Ryan as [Peter]
  9. Grey, Elliott as [Judge]
  10. Higgins, Christian as [Bar Patron]
  11. Johnson, Cranston as [Man #2]
  12. Kaplan, Andrew R. as [Karaoke Bar Patron]
  13. King (XX) as [Karaoke Bar Patron]
  14. Levy, William (II) as [Manny] <5>
  15. Olive, Brandon as [Kramer]
  16. Perry, Tyler (I) as
  17. Springer, Rob as [Sheriff]
  18. Barfield, Lisa M. as [Parent Chaperone]
  19. Brennan, Cassie as [Kate]
  20. Brown, Cocoa as [Lytia]
  21. Campbell, Ashley LeConte as [Hillary's Attorney]
  22. Forte, Marlene as [Manny's mom]
  23. Henao, Zulay as [Esperanza]
  24. Hennum, Morgan as [School Girl]
  25. Ingebritsen, Helen as [Piano Teacher]
  26. Johnson, Kendra C. as [Alicia]
  27. Long, Nia as <1>
  28. Matemotja, Angela as [Christina]
  29. McLendon-Covey, Wendi as [Jan] <3>
  30. Shepler, Katherine as [Jennifer]
  31. Smart, Amy as
  32. Spiridakos, Niki as [Secretary Niki]
  33. Velasco, Vanessa as [Veronica]
  34. Walrond, Carrie L. as [Principal Walters]


  1. Drama

Total Business

SD: November 2012 - ?

Music Composers

  1. Zigman, Aaron


  1. Gruszynski, Alexander (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Boone, Johnetta

Film Editors

  1. Hoy, Maysie


  1. Areu, Ozzie (president: Tyler Perry Studios)
  2. Bowe, Kevin (II) (payroll accountant)
  3. Burks, Bobby (medic)
  4. Burns, Markus O. (production assistant)
  5. Cavett, Eddie (production van)
  6. Gaffney, Mairead (set production assistant)
  7. Gilbert, Corey (I) (key assistant location manager)
  8. Gilbert, Larry (I) (police security)
  9. Hamer, Sheena (travel coordinator)
  10. Holmes, Stella L. (production assistant)
  11. IV, Nathaniel "Nate" Patterson (background production assistant)
  12. Privett, Jon (I) (additional craft service)
  13. Smith, Michael C. (I) (police coordinator)
  14. Smith, Tyler (XVI) (set production assistant)
  15. White, Asante (production secretary)
  16. Williamson, Kasey (II) (stand-in: Jan)
  17. Yana, Tesh (intern)
  18. Yana, Tesh (production staff)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Atlanta, Georgia, USA