The Best Thief in the World (2004) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
4.3/ 10 (415 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated R for language and some sexual content

Production Company
Process Productions [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 16 January 2004
(USA) - 10 April 2004
(USA) - 17 June 2004
(USA) - 11 January 2005
(Hungary) - 1 June 2005

Running Time
USA:93 (Sundance Film Festival)


breaking-and-entering, independent-film, mother-son-relationship, new-york-city, robbery, theft, thief,

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Full Cast

  1. Allen, T.J. as [Dice] <13>
  2. Bloom, Tom (I) as [Dr. Challop] <11>
  3. Bobo, Jonah as [Sam Zaidman] <9>
  4. Clegg, Trevor Ryan as [Zeke]
  5. Hearne, Bryan as (as Bryan C. Hearne) [Schoolyard Kid] <18>
  6. Houston, Hasani as [Rapping Kid] <17>
  7. Jeffries, Jelani as [Robbie] <7>
  8. Mylius, Wade as [Harry] <15>
  9. Red, Shortee as [Big Edwin] <12>
  10. Rudder, Robert as (as Rob Rudder) [Police Officer] <19>
  11. Silverman, Michael (IV) as [Izzy Zaidman] <2>
  12. Toribio, Jonathan as [Rapping Kid] <16>
  13. Warshofsky, David as [Paul Zaidman] <3>
  14. Clarke, Tanya (I) as [Mary] <14>
  15. Harkins, Chelsea as [Amy Zaidman] <8>
  16. Martindale, Margo as [Miss Mason] <6>
  17. McDonald, Audra as [Ruth] <4>
  18. Overman, Sarah as (voice) [Additional Voices]
  19. Parker, Mary-Louise as [Sue Zaidman] <1>
  20. Smith, Lois (I) as [Helen] <5>
  21. Wallach, Roberta (I) as [Granola Woman] <10>


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama

Full Plot

The story of a young boy (Izzy) and his family, living in New York. His father (Paul) has recently had a stroke, completely debilitating him mentally and physically. Izzy tries to escape the reality of it all by breaking into nearby homes. His mother (Sue) struggles to keep the family together, battling Izzy's outbursts and the strains of the entire situation. Dan Plot not found

Movie Certificate

M18 (Singapore)

Music Composers

  1. Paul, Prince (I)


  1. Kutchins, Ben

Dress Designers

  1. Westcott, Amy


Cinemax [hu] - (2005) (Hungary) (TV)
Showtime Networks [us]

Film Editors

  1. Sterner, Stephanie


  1. Applebaum, Eve (location manager: pre-production)
  2. Avila, Victor (office production assistant)
  3. Bizgia, David (production intern)
  4. Bradley, Liz (I) (production secretary)
  5. Briante, Lee (production assistant)
  6. de Paula, Patricia (production coordinator)
  7. Dorsey, Kelly (delivery coordinator)
  8. Emami, Massoumeh (script supervisor)
  9. Faughnan, Steve (location scout)
  10. George, Oorlagh (production assistant)
  11. Guilmartin, Lauren (key production assistant)
  12. LaPointe, Sean (production assistant)
  13. Lay, Gregory (production assistant)
  14. Mullin, Sean (I) (production assistant)
  15. Parsons, Natalia (production assistant)
  16. Piskoz, Anna (production intern)
  17. Putnam, Christine (production assistant)
  18. Stathopoulos, Yorgo (assistant location manager)
  19. Williams, Lopez (office production assistant)


Sue: What do I know? Izzy: What do any of us know? Sue: Exactly, honey. Exactly.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. New York City, New York, USA