The Normals (2012) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
2.3/ 10 (46 Votes)

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Production Company
Gigantic Pictures [us]
Woodshed Entertainment [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 16 November 2012

Running Time



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Full Cast

  1. Bockman, Peter Mark as [Orderly]
  2. Bracco, Ralph as [Orderly,nude chase/Red Patient]
  3. Calcaterra, Brad as [Stew]
  4. Carlos, Jordan as [Cafeteria Worker]
  5. Cathey, Reg E. as [Rodney]
  6. Cordero, Gerard as [Orderly]
  7. Greenberg, Bryan (II) as [Billy Schine]
  8. Haemmerle, Chris as [Technician]
  9. Hedaya, Dan as [Ragnar]
  10. Hernandez, Philip (I) as [Corker]
  11. Jefferson, Michael (VII) as [Yellow Patient]
  12. McCarthy, Matthew J. as [Ossap]
  13. Montano, Robert (I) as [Victor Munoz]
  14. Monteiro, Michael (II) as (uncredited) [Lab Technician]
  15. Monteiro, Michael (IV) as [Technician]
  16. Nicholas, J. Paul as [Dr. Vartan]
  17. O Halloran, Tim (I) as [Dullick]
  18. Pais, Josh as [Dr. Honeysack]
  19. Sanyal, Debargo as [Sameer]
  20. Sayles, John (I) as [Dr. Marx]
  21. Schneider, Jon Norman as [Do]
  22. Weller, Frederick as [Lannigan]
  23. Williams, Bryan (VII) as [Orderly]
  24. Bloom, Brooke as [Nurse Longley]
  25. Chase, Sara as [Nurse]
  26. Crump, Kelli as [Joy]
  27. Fox, Dorothi as [Old Woman]
  28. Regan, Jennifer as [Billy's Neighbor]
  29. Sandoval, Gaby as [Patient]
  30. Weixler, Jess (I) as [Gretchen]


  1. Comedy


  1. Lascaris, Andre

Dress Designers

  1. Vastola, Liz


K5 International [de] - (2012) (Non-USA) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Holmes, Todd


  1. Columbus, Ben (production assistant)
  2. Compas, Nicole (production counsel)
  3. Corff, Bob (voice coach)
  4. Fair, Erin (I) (set intern)
  5. Fair, Erin (II) (set intern)
  6. Friedman, Scott (IV) (production assistant)
  7. Fugelsang, Joseph (production intern)
  8. Gilardi, Victor (production assistant)
  9. Gilbert, David (XVIII) (based on the novel by)
  10. Gourmet (caterer)
  11. Gray, Jonathan (IV) (production attorney)
  12. Hagerty, Richard (assistant production coordinator)
  13. Hammerstone, Josette (production coordinator)
  14. Kreimer, Olga (I) (set intern)
  15. Kreimer, Olga (II) (set intern)
  16. Lala, Johnny (medical advisor)
  17. MacDonald, George A. (production assistant)
  18. Martinez, Indio (II) (location assistant)
  19. McManus, Nicholas (key production assistant)
  20. Mecca, Daniel (location assistant)
  21. Mogro, Amanda (production intern)
  22. O'Brien, Derek (II) (location manager)
  23. Perez, Meghan 'Lyric' (production assistant)
  24. Pilie, Ricardo (production assistant)
  25. Piotrowicz, Adam (craft service)
  26. Plonskier, Robert (production assistant)
  27. Pulman, Simon (production accountant)
  28. Reichman, Justin (script supervisor)
  29. Spicer, Vance (production assistant)
  30. Trucker, Grant (production assistant)
  31. Yanbas, Isilay (media manager)