The Open Road (2009) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
5.4/ 10 (1994 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated PG-13 for some language

Production Company
Aqua Foxx Productions [us]
Heavy Lifting [us]
Maximon Pictures [us]
Odd Lot Entertainment [us]
Perfect Weekend [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Germany) - 7 February 2009
(USA) - 28 August 2009
(France) - 9 September 2009
(Australia) - 18 November 2009
(Argentina) - 19 May 2010

Running Time

they've got a long way to go.

alcoholism, baseball, ex-girlfriend, father-son-relationship, road-movie, road-trip, singing-in-a-car, washed-up-star,

Technical Support
PFM:35 mm
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Bateman, Dewayne as (uncredited) [Hotel Guest]
  2. Battle III, Allen O. as (as Allen Battle III) [Peabody Clerk] <26>
  3. Bridges, Jeff (I) as [Kyle] <6>
  4. Brown, Dane as (uncredited) [Traveler]
  5. Brown, Paxton as [10-Year Old Kid] <11>
  6. Cahill, Michael P. as [Pharmacist] <20>
  7. Casserly, Robert as [Moderator] <8>
  8. Castro, J. Omar as [Fan #3] <16>
  9. Catlett, Loyd as (uncredited) [Johnny]
  10. Chamberlin, Clay as (as Clay Chamberlain) [Impatient Fan] <14>
  11. Danson, Ted as [Coach] <2>
  12. Dixon, Katrell as [Orderly] <30>
  13. DuMont, James (I) as (uncredited) [Clerk]
  14. Falk, Geoff as (uncredited) [Peabody Porter]
  15. Foxx, Kevin Lee as (as Kevin Foxx) [Fan #2] <10>
  16. Galento, Gino as (uncredited) [Baseball Fan]
  17. Gomez, Nick (III) as (uncredited) [Bartender]
  18. Griffin, Douglas M. as [10-Year Old's Father] <12>
  19. Haeuser, Russell M. as (uncredited) [Airport Passenger]
  20. Hebert, Destin M. as (uncredited) [Autograph Fan at Convention]
  21. Herthum, Louis as [Surgeon] <32>
  22. LeBlanc, Elton as (uncredited) [Airline Passenger]
  23. Lincoln, Don as (uncredited) [Baseball Convention Ticket Taker]
  24. Lovett, Lyle as [Peabody Bartender] <27>
  25. Mac, Don as (uncredited) [Airplane Passenger Row #7]
  26. Meyers, Donald as (uncredited) [Hotel Guest]
  27. Mitchell, E. Roger as [TSA Manager] <17>
  28. Morgan, Wayne Douglas as [Organizer] <13>
  29. Myles, Yohance as [Convention Assistant] <15>
  30. Oliver, Jay (I) as (uncredited) [Airport Security Officer]
  31. Palmer, James (VII) as [Memphis Ticket Taker] <21>
  32. Pecunia, Robert E. as (uncredited) [Autograph Fan at LA Bar]
  33. Pineda, Charles as (uncredited) [Valet]
  34. Plumlee, Chris as (uncredited) [Peabody Guest]
  35. Rottman, Ryan as [Peabody Bellhop] <28>
  36. Saberhagen, Bret as [Himself] <7>
  37. Sanford, Tony as [Fan #1] <9>
  38. Slaughter, Billy as [Rental Car Employee] <25>
  39. Stanton, Harry Dean as [Amon] <3>
  40. Timberlake, Justin as [Carlton] <1>
  41. Turner, Lawrence as [Store Clerk (Kentucky)] <19>
  42. Vincent, Daniel (III) as (uncredited) [Airline Clerk - Memphis]
  43. Anderson, Monica Rene e as (uncredited) [Airplane Passenger]
  44. Banks, Lenore as [Virge] <31>
  45. Bennett, Tamera as (uncredited) [Waitress]
  46. Brooks, LaVita as (uncredited) [Hotel Guest]
  47. Caldwell, Lindsay as (uncredited) [Front Desk Agent]
  48. Duplantier, Donna as [Flight Attendant] <22>
  49. Falk, Jan as (uncredited) [Peabody Tourist]
  50. Foxx, Laurie as [Louisiana Waitress] <29>
  51. Glenn, Geraldine as (uncredited) [Hotel Guest]
  52. Guidry, Ann Marie as [Waitress (Kentucky)] <18>
  53. Haley, Emily D. as (uncredited) [Bar Goer]
  54. Hibbets, Marguerite as (uncredited) [Tourist Outside Peabody]
  55. Kendall, Karson as [Airline Employee] <23>
  56. Kirkland, Felecia as (uncredited) [Airplane Passenger]
  57. Landry, Yvonne (I) as [Waitress (Memphis Airport)] <24>
  58. LeBlanc, Cynthia as (uncredited) [Airline Passenger]
  59. Mara, Kate as [Lucy] <5>
  60. Prine, Lyssa as (uncredited) [Baseball Fan]
  61. Reeves, Yalonda Lisa as (uncredited) [Waitress Sammy]
  62. Smith, Lawanda as (uncredited) [Baseball Convention Audience/Airplane Passenger]
  63. Steenburgen, Mary as [Katherine] <4>


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama

Full Plot

Carlton Garrett, son of Hall of Famer Kyle Garrett, plays minor league ball in Corpus Christi. He's in a slump when his grandfather calls to say that his mother, in Houston, is refusing a heart operation she needs to prolong her life. She says she won't have the operation until Kyle, her ex-husband, comes to see her. So Carlton, with his close friend Lucy, who used to be his girlfriend, goes to Columbus, Ohio, where Kyle is signing autographs. They haven't spoken in four years. Will Kyle go to Texas or will he find a way to duck out, as he's done for years? In addition to the father and son relationship, what about Lucy, and what about the slump? Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 10,000,000 CP: (2008) Open Road Investments, LLC GR: USD 19,348 (USA) (6 September 2009) SD: February 2008 - WG: USD 3,169 (USA) (6 September 2009) (7 screens)

Movie Certificate

PG-13 (USA)(certificate #44679)
PG (Singapore)
M (Australia)
13 (Argentina)
M/12 (Portugal)

Music Composers

  1. Lennertz, Christopher


  1. Orbach, Yaron

Dress Designers

  1. Grundman, Molly


Anchor Bay Entertainment [us] - (2009) (USA) (theatrical)
Anchor Bay Entertainment [us] - (2009) (USA) (DVD)
Anchor Bay Entertainment [us] - (2009) (USA) (DVD) (Blu-ray)
Anchor Bay Films [us] - (2009) (USA) (theatrical)
Atlantic Film [fi] - (2010) (Finland) (DVD)
ION Television [us] - (2012) (USA) (TV)
Spentzos Films [gr] - (2009) (Greece) (all media)
Transeuropa Video Entertainment (TVE) [ar] - (2010) (Argentina) (DVD)

Film Editors

  1. Elmiger, Suzy


  1. Abramowitz, Jamie (assistant: Mr. Lischak)
  2. Achee, Clay (I) (key set production assistant)
  3. Arceneaux, Les (assistant location manager)
  4. Arson, Brenda (assistant to producer)
  5. Burrows, Eric (security: Mr. Timberlake)
  6. Callan, Jared B. (production assistant)
  7. Carpenter, Abigail (II) (assistant: Mr. Meredith)
  8. Cassin, Gregory (production assistant)
  9. Castillo-Huang, Brianne (assistant: Mr. Schiff) (as Brianna Castillo-Huang)
  10. Catlett, Loyd (assistant: Mr. Bridges) (as Lloyd Catlett)
  11. Chan, Carmen (assistant production coordinator)
  12. Compas, Nicole (production counsel)
  13. Crockett, Todd (II) (accounting clerk)
  14. Des Rochers, André (production counsel)
  15. DeSorbo, Brandon Sonny (location scout)
  16. Gabbidon, Earl (security: Mr. Timberlake)
  17. Gannett, Emily (product placement)
  18. Gray, Jonathan (IV) (production counsel)
  19. Haley, Micah (assistant to unit production manager)
  20. Hardy, Robin (II) (production secretary)
  21. Harrell, Rachael (director of development)
  22. Hartwick, Jeffrey J. (set production assistant)
  23. Hicks, Mandi (I) (assistant: Ms. Del Prete)
  24. Jacob, Rachel (II) (key set production assistant)
  25. Kerr, Brandon (II) (production assistant)
  26. Lane, Martin (IV) (location manager: Memphis)
  27. Law, Amy (set medic)
  28. Lorio, Kevin (set production assistant)
  29. McCormick, Nat (assistant: Mr. Kauffman)
  30. McDonough, Richard (I) (assistant: Mr. Mason & Mr. Moore-Lewy)
  31. Michiel, Aaron (business affairs executive)
  32. Mohamed, Jasmine (assistant: Ms. Del Prete)
  33. Neal, Susan (I) (set production assistant)
  34. Nichols, Ryan W. (production assistant)
  35. O'Shea, Brian (II) (world sales executive: Odd Lot International)
  36. Pahk, Erika (assistant: Ms. Pritzker)
  37. Parker, Sandy (I) (script supervisor)
  38. Reasons, Nick (stand-in)
  39. Rohwer, Brandon (unit publicist)
  40. Saba, Robert (II) (assistant locations manager: Memphis)
  41. Seid, Weiman (unit publicist)
  42. Seifert, Phil (location manager)
  43. Spesard, Jenna (post production assistant)
  44. Stein, Barbara-Ann (production accountant)
  45. Stratford, Ian M. (financial counsel)
  46. Thompson, Craig (III) (assistant: Ms. McDonough)
  47. Tyler, Heather (II) (post-production accountant)
  48. Umaña, Sharyn (assistant production coordinator)
  49. Valle, Nancy (post consultant)
  50. Wang, Alice (II) (post production assistant)
  51. Warner, Christopher H. (production coordinator)
  52. Williamson, Jessy Cale (production assistant)
  53. Yarbrough, Rachel (assistant: Mr. Timberlake) (as Rachel Yarborough)
  54. Yu, Wei-Ning (assistant: Mr. O'Shea)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
  2. Louisiana, USA
  3. Memphis, Tennessee, USA


- Some scenes for the movie were filmed following an exhibition baseball game between the Corpus Christi Hooks (AA Affiliate of the Houston Astros) and the Round Rock Express (AAA Affiliate of the Houston Astros). The scenes were filmed at Whataburger Field in Corpus Christi, Texas, including a shot flying over the Harbor Bridge down to the baseball field.

- 'Jeff Bridges (I)' (qv)' character's surname is Garrett. Bridges had an older brother named Garrett, born June 14, 1948 but died from SIDS on August 3, 1948.

- In several scenes in the movie, 'Jeff Bridges (I)' (qv)' character mentions "Walter Henry Hagan" at the Dallas airport. Walter Henry Hagan was in fact head of Special Services for American Airlines up until his retirement in 1995, and remained on as a consultant in same capacity until his death in February 2000. Hagan was "the" man to talk to if you needed assistance in your travels with American Airlines. He considered former Dallas Cowboy, 'Don Meredith (I)' (qv) (father of writer-director, 'Michael Meredith (I)' (qv)) and his wife, dear friends.