The Park (2012/I) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Aftershock Studios [us]
Area 9 Productions [us]
EPIC-nocity Films [us]
Ruff Productions [us]

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RAT:1.78 : 1 / (high definition)

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Full Cast

  1. Alvarado, James as [Tourist]
  2. Ashcraft, David as [Himself]
  3. Brody, Kyle as [Tourist]
  4. Carney, D.T. as [Father Killian]
  5. Cluff, Travis as [Frenchie]
  6. Eisenmann, Stone as [Jay Bird]
  7. Ford, Chase as [Sammy Stuart]
  8. Ford, Mason (II) as [Helpful Tourist]
  9. Franks, Steve (III) as [Bully Tourist]
  10. Harian, Stefan as [Chatty Tourist]
  11. Harrington, Stan as [Frank Bird]
  12. Hernandez, Matthew (III) as [Bell Hop 2]
  13. Hild, Jason as [Frenchie]
  14. Hoagland, Ryan as [Angus Gordon]
  15. Ivory, Truxton as [Store Warning boy]
  16. Johnson, Master Dave as [Sid Sapperstein]
  17. Kos, Ryan as [Scary Chopper Dude]
  18. Kreps, Rich as [Jean Claude Chaveaux]
  19. Lee, Bruce (X) as [Peeing Dog]
  20. MacPherson, Mark as [Whistling Hiker 3]
  21. Mapson, Darrell as [Bum 3]
  22. Margulis, Nicole as [Beautiful Woman Posse]
  23. Martin, Jordan (III) as [Whistling Hiker 2]
  24. Meacham, Jeff (III) as [Director]
  25. Moore, Ethan (VI) as [Tourist]
  26. Ortlieb, Willy as [Bum 4]
  27. Ozier, Joe as [Tourist]
  28. Pappas, Constantine as [Thad Marr]
  29. Pappas, Jim (IV) as [Father Jim]
  30. Pavelski, Paul as [Robert Brick MacDonald]
  31. Prieto, Brett as [Raldy]
  32. Probert, Dusty as [Bum]
  33. Rai, Deep as [Ranger 2]
  34. Ramos, Andrew (V) as [PU Camera Man]
  35. Rice, Jared as [Whistling Hiker]
  36. Richey, Barry as [Boom Dude]
  37. Rodriguez, Daniel (XXII) as [Frenchie]
  38. Ruff, Troy as [Ranger 1]
  39. Scarbrough, Doug as [Tourist/Commercial Announcer]
  40. Seargeant, Scott as [Bully Tourist 2]
  41. Smith, Jeffrey (XVI) as [Bum]
  42. Smith, Tyler (XXX) as [Crew Member]
  43. Sotiropulos, Kopi as [Producer]
  44. Swanson, Phoenix as [Frenchie]
  45. Tadlock, Jeremy as [Tourist]
  46. Talley, Gary as [Tourist Dad]
  47. Talley, Justin (II) as [Tourist Child]
  48. Tharpe, Gregory as [Stanford James]
  49. Tweedy, Michael R. as [Hugo Armstrong]
  50. Weis, Brandon as [Spud Washington]
  51. Anderson, Emily (XVII) as [Tourist]
  52. Beaver, Cheyanne as [Tourist]
  53. Boe, Jocelyn as [Tourist]
  54. Borges, Brooke as [Tourist]
  55. Brown, Willow Rainn as [Peeking tourist]
  56. Cleveland, Louise as [Beautiful Woman 2]
  57. Colins, Erica as [Tourist]
  58. Cowell, Kari as [Beautiful Woman 1]
  59. Delgado, Gia as [Beautiful Woman Posse]
  60. Dempsey, Denise as [Tourist]
  61. Dunn, Dashanique as [Beautiful Woman Posse]
  62. Eisenmann, HannaH as [Pretty Pink Princess]
  63. England, Ashlee as [Tourist]
  64. England, Haylie as [Tourist]
  65. French, Stephanie (II) as [Cecelia Studebaker]
  66. Gianna, Lyric as [Photobomber 1]
  67. Gilbert, Charity as [Tourist]
  68. Harian, Heidi as [Dora Armstrong]
  69. Hedegaard, Rhonda as [Beautiful Woman Posse]
  70. Huffman, Leanne as [Sporting Goods Clerk]
  71. Hyatt, Ashley as [Stunningly Beautiful Woman 1]
  72. Janine, Jennifer as [Photobomber Mom]
  73. Kellerman, Sandy as [Fay Bird]
  74. Kirsten, Aviva (I) as [Tourist]
  75. Kirsten, Aviva (II) as [Tourist]
  76. Lugue, Alyssa as [Asian Tourist Daughter]
  77. Lugue, Vicki as [Asian Tourist Mother]
  78. Lugue, Victoria as [Asian Tourist Daughter]
  79. Lyons, Christina (II) as [Tori Bird]
  80. Madding, Carol as [Tourist]
  81. Majors-Penix, Kate as [Beautiful Woman Posse]
  82. McCourt, Jacquie as [Photobomber 2]
  83. Metzler, Candace as [Hilga Dusseldorfer]
  84. Monahan, Chloe as [Scooter Girl]
  85. Murphy, Jordan (IV) as [Beautiful Woman Posse]
  86. O Hara, Nancy (III) as [Beautiful Woman Posse]
  87. Ogbodo, Ermaline as [Bell Hop 1]
  88. Pappas, Chrysanthe as [Beautiful Woman Posse]
  89. Pappas, Evangelia as [Camera Girl]
  90. Pasley, Bri as [Beautiful Woman Posse]
  91. Rodriguez, Fatima as [Beautiful Woman Posse]
  92. Rose, Crystal (V) as [Flag Tourist]
  93. Sconce, Heather as [Zoe Krotchnibler]
  94. Sconce, Makenzie as [Cute girl in Store]
  95. Sinclear, Shannon as [Beautiful Woman Posse]
  96. Stoven, Stephanie (I) as [Beautiful Woman Posse]
  97. Strange, Shanna as [Reflector Girl]
  98. Talley, Cindy as [Tourist Mom]
  99. Talley, Jessalyn as [Tourist Child]
  100. Taylor, Shea (II) as [Tourist]
  101. Tellifson, Christina L. as [Stunningly Beautiful Woman 2]
  102. Yerxa, Lori (I) as [Binocular Woman]


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama

Full Plot

A group of travelers descends on The Park to witness one last Firefall. They come from different backgrounds and walks of life, but their paths will crash together in hilarious ways, as a film crew document (Mockuments) their crazy antics. The characters comprised of: Scottish "Free" Climbers, a disgraced outdoor survival television host and his nephew, a former welter-weight bodybuilding champion who's let himself go, a dysfunctional family in denial, Park Rangers, a hiding hippie who has been living in The Park for years, and a Mutant Bear will experience amazing, terrifying and hilarious situations as they discover their true character and values on their way to the final Firefall. Matt THE PARK is the story of Dan Pinky, a history teacher fighting burnout after 20 years at Athens Park High School (known by all as "The Park") in South Los Angeles, who must risk it all - his career, custody of his children, the last shred of his ideals, and even his life - to save Kenny Trone, a punk the rest of us have quit on, from a gang banger's bullet with Kenny's name on it. Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Mierkey, James


  1. Sconce, Matthew


R-Squared Films [us] - (2012) (USA) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Sconce, Matthew