"The Sing-Off" (2009) {(#3.1)} TV Season

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Overview "The Sing-Off" Season 03 Episode 01 (S03E01)



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(USA) - 19 September 2011

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Full Cast

  1. Clarkson, Nathan as [Opening Credits Singer/Dancer]
  2. Crystal, Ethan as [Soul'd Out Member]
  3. Folds, Ben as [Himself - Judge]
  4. Lachey, Nick as [Himself - Host]
  5. Lupo, Dakota as [Opening Credits Singer/Dancer]
  6. Pressley Jr., Robbie as [Committed singer]
  7. Spencer, Aaron as [Himself - University of Rochester Yellow Jackets Singer]
  8. Stockman, Shawn as [Himself - Judge]
  9. Vickers, Brian (V) as [Afro-Blue singer]
  10. Weidlein, Daniel as [Bass/Musical Director/Kinfolk 9]
  11. Andress, Ingrid as [Delilah singer]
  12. Bareilles, Sara as [Herself - Judge]
  13. Eve, Candace as [Delilah singer]
  14. Glaser, Geena as [Delilah singer]
  15. Juliano, Hannah as [Delilah singer]
  16. Vinson, Johanna as [Delilah singer]
  17. Walker, Laina as [Delilah singer]
  18. Whitcomb, Amy as [Delilah singer]
  19. Young, Kendall as [Delilah singer]

Music Composers

  1. Berry, Dylan (II)


  1. Barnes, Michael (XIX) (production assistant)
  2. Bell, Brian (XVI) (post production assistant)
  3. Chau, Mary (script supervisor)
  4. Clarke, Sam (VII) (contestant wrangler)
  5. Cohen-Copeland, Derek (contestant wrangler)
  6. Corder, Cassidy (contestant wrangler)
  7. Dietz, Robert (production assistant)
  8. Ferkle, Robert (dga stage manager)
  9. Ginnetty, Ryan (post -production assistant)
  10. Gray, Mike (V) (dga stage manager)
  11. Hogan, Ray (contestant wrangler)
  12. Kelly, Kate (XII) (talent coordinator)
  13. Knoll, Rose (assistant to executive producer)
  14. Kreiser, Kelly (production assistant)
  15. Laidley, Kristen (production supervisor)
  16. Lee, Johnny Byul (audience coordinator)
  17. Muller, Candice (script coordinator)
  18. Neal, Doug (dga stage manager)
  19. Pasamonte, Lionel (dga stage manager)
  20. Pomerville, Mark (key production assistant)
  21. Voyles, Janine (segment coordinator)