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(Hollywood) USA

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The Love, The Life, The Beginning of Mob Fashion

american-history, casino, chicago, cocaine, columbia, custom-made, drugs, elvis-presley, fabric, family-tragedy, fashion, fashion-designer, film-distribution, folies-bergère, gangsters, hong-kong, john-huston, kingpin, las-vegas-nevada, love-story, luxury, mafioso, marijuana, needlework, old-hollywood,

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Raised in the hills of Arkansas, Aj uses his ability to sew to earn him a job as a costume designer in Hollywood and as the protégé to one of the most profound costume designers in the business he makes a name for himself and becomes the Tailor to the stars and the mob in Las Vegas living a life of luxury during the grandeur of the opulent 70's. Tied in with the mob families responsible for building the casinos, Aj's Original Fashions becomes a purveyor of garments and drugs as Aj becomes a deal broker navigating the dangerous underworld selling drugs and ultimately the Tropicana hotel which earns him two bullet holes and two bags of silver. Kight Haberer Plot not found