The Toy Box (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Deimos Cinema [us]
Doubt the Reality Films [us]
Elswarro Cinema [us]
Horrorphile Entertainment [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 1 August 2014

Running Time


based-on-book, sadist, serial-killer, torture,

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Full Cast

  1. Alfred, Rick as [Courtroom Spectator]
  2. Bailey, Burton as [Jake]
  3. Blum, Leon (II) as [Agent Beldon]
  4. Boaz, Donny as [Karl]
  5. Bullock, Sammy as [Deputy Rodgers]
  6. Buttrick, Robert as [Railroad Worker]
  7. Caden, Jake as [Sheriff Braken]
  8. Carrell, Larry Wade as [Coroner]
  9. Carrera, Larry as [FBI Agent]
  10. Carter, Matthew (V) as [Drifter]
  11. Cisneros, Marcos as [Juror #4]
  12. Colburn, Michael (I) as [Carpenter]
  13. Cortez, Gilbert as [Party boy]
  14. David, Brian (III) as [Juror #2]
  15. Davis, Justin (XXII) as [Spectator]
  16. Dehmer, Christopher as [Tiny]
  17. Dowd, Kevin (II) as [David] <4>
  18. Fuller, Bryan (VI) as [John in truck]
  19. Gage, Neal as [Cop]
  20. Graham, Jerome (I) as [Jake's friend]
  21. Grisaffi, Joe (I) as [Atty Tony Pail]
  22. Guthrie, Scott (IV) as [Roy] <3>
  23. Haner, Kenneth as [Photographer]
  24. Hernandez, Freddy (III) as [Juror #11]
  25. Hilligiest, Greg as [90s Bar Patron]
  26. Holt, Phil (II) as [Spectator]
  27. Isaacs, Marc (III) as [Jim] <8>
  28. James, Kasey as [Cop]
  29. Jasso, Matthew as [70s Bar Patron]
  30. Jones, Nate (VI) as [Baliff]
  31. Kahan, Kyle as [Juror #9]
  32. Lara, Ric as [EMS Director]
  33. Lawrence, Dennis (I) as [Public Defender]
  34. Lokey, Curtis as [Jake's friend]
  35. Lowe, Lawrence (I) as [Paul]
  36. McPherson, Lawrence as [Lawyer]
  37. Neinast, Lowell D. as [Sgt B. Coe]
  38. Norfolk, Chuck as [News Cameraman]
  39. Norton, Jeremy James Douglas as [David] <1>
  40. Quigley, Terry L. as [Bartender]
  41. Randall, Parrish as [Pete] <10>
  42. Sabom, Marcus as [Coroner]
  43. Schenck, Justin as [Railroad Worker]
  44. Schwarzt, Beny as [Police Officer]
  45. Thackston, Chad as [Patrick]
  46. Tinsley, Ronnie as [Bartender]
  47. Torres, Renley as [Bar patron]
  48. Vargas, Josh as [Pablo]
  49. Vernon, Scott (II) as [Judge]
  50. Windham, Tim as [Atty Andrew Matlock]
  51. Barnett, Bianca (I) as [Bianca] <11>
  52. Biggs, Charlotte (II) as [Lucy]
  53. Blaack, Eve as [90s Bar Patron]
  54. Bly, Mary L. (I) as [Bar patron]
  55. Boul, Kristi as [Party girl]
  56. Burns, Katy as [90s Bar Waitress]
  57. Byrns, Kelly as (as Kelly Burns Smith) [Kelli] <6>
  58. Caldwell, Ingrid as [Juror #3]
  59. Carrasco, Sandra Isabel as [Cynthia] <5>
  60. Catalon, Theta as [Agent Kitchen]
  61. Cisneros, Berta as [Juror #1]
  62. Cresap, Deanna as [Reporter]
  63. Cruthird-Lewis, Mary as [Juror #8]
  64. Devarauxx, Christy B. as [Hooker]
  65. Eason, Ruth Maria as [Juror #5]
  66. Flores, Jessica (IV) as [Patricia] <9>
  67. Flores, Natasha as [Dee]
  68. Garza, Charlotte Rae as [Danielle]
  69. Gibbs, Teresa as [Emergency Medical Team]
  70. Gomez, Alhely as [70s Bar Patron]
  71. Gomez, Vanessa G. as [Zatanna Zatara]
  72. Haley, Heather Donnelly as [Waitress at Grill]
  73. Hardin, Carolyn Ann as [Juror #6]
  74. Harris, Dawn A. as [Spectator]
  75. Holt, Joanna (II) as [Judge]
  76. Huffman, Andrea as [Police Officer]
  77. Julin as [Marie] <13>
  78. Junker, Karina as [Stacy]
  79. Lark, Shannon as [Carrie] <12>
  80. Marie, Shondra as [Secretary]
  81. Mattingly, Francia as [Lady 2]
  82. Mcpherson, Alison as [Lawyer]
  83. Morgan, Sandi as [Judy]
  84. Morlock, Sierra Rose as [Courtroom Spectator]
  85. Peebles, Jennifer (I) as [Jesse] <2>
  86. Perez, Jean M. as [Juror #12]
  87. Perez, Olga (IV) as [70s Bar Patron]
  88. Pourciau, Julitta as [Prosecutor]
  89. Quiroa, Stephanie as [90s Bar Patron]
  90. Rose, Courtney (I) as [David's sister]
  91. Ruiz, Maria (I) as [Angie] <7>
  92. Sanchez, Melinda (III) as [Nicole]
  93. Schmitz, Kristina as [Girlfriend]
  94. Smith, Adrienne (IX) as [Darlene]
  95. Thompson, Chauna as [Bar patron]
  96. Torrellas, Rebecca as [Goth girl]
  97. Towns-Cuellar, LaTeace as [Lady]
  98. Vera, Janie as [Juror #7]
  99. Williamson, Denise (II) as [Denise]
  100. Wyckoff, Sarah as [Attorney]


  1. Horror
  2. Thriller

Total Business

BT: USD 20,000

Music Composers

  1. Tinsley, Ronnie

Film Editors

  1. Colburn, Michael (I)


  1. Barrels, Smokin' (food service)
  2. Vernon, Molly (second assistant director)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Cat Spring, Texas, USA
  2. Humble, Texas, USA
  3. Huntsville, Texas, USA
  4. Livingston, Texas, USA
  5. Matagorda, Texas, USA
  6. Richmond, Texas, USA
  7. Surfside, Texas, USA