Time Refugees (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Roman Pictures (II) [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 1 October 2014

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Full Cast

  1. Canon, Jacob as [Talon] <15>
  2. Chang, Phillip Liang-Hai as [Qiqiang] <18>
  3. Coale, Greg as [Mason] <14>
  4. DeGroat, Brandon as [Billy 'Ram' Dover] <4>
  5. Deka, Raja as [Richard Lockwood - Secretary of Defense]
  6. Hickerson, Henry (I) as [Dexter] <6>
  7. Jones, Reshaun as [Prisoner]
  8. Lyle, Tom as [Grayson] <11>
  9. Penaranda, Jose L. as [Prisoner] <24>
  10. Rodriguez, Pablo A. as [Mr. Raul Cortez] <8>
  11. Roman, Carlos Etzio as [Ryker] <1>
  12. Romito, Tony (I) as [Prisoner]
  13. Rose, Derek Axel as [Troy] <16>
  14. Taylor, Ted (IV) as [President of the United States] <17>
  15. Troy, Kevin as [Axton Phelps] <3>
  16. Almajan, Ariana as [Dakota] <5>
  17. Carpenter-Rose, Sharon as [Sheena] <2>
  18. Chen, Catherine as [Jiao] <19>
  19. Cocroft, Kathryn as [Prison Warden]
  20. DeWitt, Sarah (I) as [Amber] <13>
  21. Huggins, Martha as [Vivian]
  22. McCullagh, Deirdre as [Phoenix] <12>
  23. North, Kendra as [Mackenzie] <10>
  24. Rigizadeh, Stephanie as [Isis] <5>
  25. Roman, Tracy as [Namor] <7>
  26. Rose, Desiree Storm as [Storm] <17>


  1. Sci-Fi

Full Plot

In the year 2110 a small group of space travelers have left the war-ravaged Earth behind. After transporting themselves through space and time, they approach what they think is Earth....or is it? Soon they will find out a truth they are not ready to confront, a truth that will bond them to change the fate of humanity, a truth that will turn them into "Time Refugees." SCR Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 1,000,000