Underestimated Comedy (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Renegade Pictures (I) [us]

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  1. Documentary

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Renegade Pictures is in preproduction on their next film a documentary framed around the "city" comedy scene and what happens when a substantial contest is put forward. Who will get picked? Who will finish auditions? Who will make it to the "Talent Showcase". Judged by judges all over the country the comedians are really out of control until the final judging is complete. Club scenes, the rough side of comedy, the true picture of what it's like to work in that stand up world. Thirty contestants will be cut down to three for a final showcase and tempers will flare. Visiting open mikes around town and taking the pulse of this culture will be an eye opener and a ride in chaos and laughter. To be authentic to the art we will push the envelope and capture a slice of humanity. Wood Dickinson Plot not found