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(Hollywood) USA

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CM Studios [us]
Penguin and Elephant Productions [us]

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We're not the Unapproachable. Casting Directors are People too.

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Full Cast

  1. Cruz, Diana (VI) as [Mary Anne/Production Assistant #2] <40>
  2. Diaz-Carranza, Veronica as [Michelle/Kyle's Assistant] <8>
  3. Dover, Roxanne as [Kumnani] <16>
  4. Emmer, Sarah as [Dawn/Casting Assistant] <33>
  5. Froehlich, Janelle as [Crystal Clark] <5>
  6. Hostetler, Heidi Marie as [Logan/Production Assistant #1] <39>
  7. Hughes, Christy Lee as [Natalie] <17>
  8. Korpi, Kellee June as [Rae-Rae] <18>
  9. Lara, Alondra as (as Alondra Alvarez) [Beatrice/Channing's Assistant] <7>
  10. Lee, Shelby as [Actress #1] <24>
  11. Lucas, Brynn as [Nina/Wardrobe Lady #2] <19>
  12. Mascorro, Morgan as [Mallory/Casting Assistant] <32>
  13. Olson, Carli as [Ella] <20>
  14. Pearl, Lidia as [Julia Childs] <2>
  15. Pierre, Gwendoline as [Jean/Polar Opposites Writer] <35>
  16. Ritchie, Atheana as [Cashmere] <12>
  17. Rose, Chaley as (as Chaley Rose Jackson) [Jules/Nanny] <46>
  18. Ross, Darcelle as [Stacy/Casting Assistant] <34>
  19. Santos, Bianca A. as [Cindy]
  20. Skya, Zoya as [Chuck's Russian Date] <31>
  21. Veerasingam, Renuka as [Anita/Polar Oppostes Writer] <37>
  22. Verdura, Jacqui (II) as [Actress #2] <25>
  23. Warburton, Noel as [Holly/Polar Opposites Writer] <38>


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

The show focuses on the pet peeves of casting directors, providing a funny backdrop on how normal the working Hollywood elite truly are compared to the rest of middle America working offices. Our jobs just look cooler. The show is not centered around casting, it is about what's happening BEYOND the casting. Anonymous A comedy documenting the true exploits of the casting office of a hit primetime television show in Hollywood,CA, where ego clashes, exaggerated preconceptions, and inappropriate behavior prove how relatable the Hollywood elite and decision makers truly are to the rest of middle America. Anonymous Plot not found


  1. Schurman, Ben

Film Editors

  1. Schurman, Ben

Other Titles

  1. The Secret Life of a Hollywood Casting Director (2012) (TV) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
  2. Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, USA