Untitled Christian Camargo Project (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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(USA) - 2013

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  1. Drama

Total Business

SD: May 2012 - June 2012


  1. Cosens, Steve

Dress Designers

  1. Terrazas, Anna

Film Editors

  1. Dulin, Ron


  1. Banta, Arlo (set intern)
  2. Behrens, Gregory (production assistant)
  3. Brown, Brian (XXIII) (caterer)
  4. Carroll, Marlo (set production assistant)
  5. Clements, Greg (location unit assistant)
  6. Compas, Nicole (production counsel)
  7. Compton, Carol A. (script clearance)
  8. Cruz, Estefany (assistant chef)
  9. Cullen, Tyler (production assistant)
  10. Dimoulas, Chris (production assistant)
  11. Dunn, Tom (V) (location manager)
  12. Edwards, Jeff (XVIII) (choreographer)
  13. Egan, Daniel J. (medical advisor)
  14. Elmiger, Richard (chef)
  15. Forberg, Roy (office production assistant)
  16. Gray, Jonathan (IV) (production counsel)
  17. Gray, Jonathan (IV) (production legal)
  18. Greenfield, Nancy (office intern)
  19. Grimshaw, Bianca (production counsel)
  20. Harrison, James (XXX) (key craft service)
  21. Hildebrant, Jonathan (runner)
  22. Hundley, Kerri (production coordinator)
  23. Johnson, Alice (II) (production assistant)
  24. Kaufman, Jeremy (producers asssistant)
  25. Kramer, Katie (I) (production assistant)
  26. Lupu, Veronica (script supervisor)
  27. Mansager, Anna (office intern)
  28. Matos, Jasmine (assistant production coordinator)
  29. McAuliff, Steve (animal wrangler)
  30. McHenry, Douglas W. (production accountant)
  31. Munroe, Dyanne (assistant craft service)
  32. Riley, Oliver (II) (production assistant)
  33. Rojas, Javier (IV) (key craft service)
  34. Samuelsohn, Howard (dialect coach: prep)
  35. Siska, Kristina (craft service)
  36. Terry, Marcus (II) (location unit assistant)
  37. Tweedie, Bop (set medic)
  38. Van Kampen, Nataasha (director assistant)
  39. Villaggio, Andreas O'Donohue (key production assistant)

Other Titles

  1. The Seagull (2013) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Connecticut, USA


- Meryl Streep has played the role of Irina on Broadway but Cherry Jones was cast for this movie. Interestingly, Jones originated the role of Sister Aloysious in Doubt on Broadway, but Streep was chosen to play her on screen.