Vagabond Salon (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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(USA) - 15 October 2013

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bohemian, economic-crisis, hipster, two-word-title,

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Full Cast

  1. Abitbol, Stéphane as [Corporate Student]
  2. Barbieri, Domingo (II) as [Stockbroker English Teacher]
  3. Cannon, Dwayne as [Cyberspeak Teacher]
  4. Cartron, Samuel as [Band Leader]
  5. Dirninger, Joel as [Training Program Manager]
  6. Dupiech, Benjamin as [Eric - the filmmaker]
  7. Gao, Yaru as [Communicologist #2]
  8. Granke, Phillip as [Dirk]
  9. Jones, Marc (IX) as [Communicologist]
  10. Lecaye, Patricia as [Madame Rivet]
  11. Lewis, David (LXV) as [Carl]
  12. Lopez, Guillaume as [Vincent]
  13. Moore, Dan (XXIII) as
  14. Moore, Dan (XXIV) as [Byron Yondorf]
  15. Morgan, Colin (I) as [Xavier Maubert]
  16. Olivier, Yannick as [Stéphane]
  17. Perez, Christophe as [Blake's Right Hand Man]
  18. Pierre, Audrey as [Map Girl]
  19. Pierre, Serge as [Monsieur Pierre of Stockbroker English]
  20. Reznichenko, Tanya as [Maggie]
  21. Sélèque, Jérôme as [Communicologist #3]
  22. Weinandy, Kyle as [Blake]
  23. Bloom, Lily as
  24. de Luca, Chiara as
  25. Hesnard, Daphne as [Céline]
  26. Kaplan, Fanny as [Laetitia]
  27. Weinandy-Pierre, Laetitia as [Inès - the Cat Lady]


  1. Action
  2. Comedy
  3. Romance

Full Plot

Fleeing the U.S. economic crisis, a curmudgeonly hipster named Byron Yondorf joins a pack of younger bohemians teaching English at 'Mama Tongue', the only school in Paris willing to hire Americans without working papers. When Byron's brother Blake strikes a deal to sell the school, the teachers band together to overcome their loss of their livelihood. Anonymous Plot not found