Vijay and I (2013) Movie

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Production Company
Entre Chien et Loup [be] - (delegate production)
Pandora Filmproduktion [de]
Samsa Film [lu] - (delegate production)

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Release Date
(Belgium) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Akram, George as [Puerto Rican Waiter]
  2. Bleibtreu, Moritz as [Will] <1>
  3. Brody, Joel as [A Punjabi]
  4. Hyman, Jerry as [Russian Taxi Driver]
  5. Imperioli, Michael as [Micky] <5>
  6. Moreno, Ron as [Mexican Waiter]
  7. Moshonov, Moni as [Mr. Korokowski]
  8. Mylius, Wade as [The Stranger]
  9. Pudi, Danny as [Rad] <3>
  10. Shuford, Damiyr as [Customs Officer]
  11. Arquette, Patricia as [Julia] <2>
  12. Berlin, Jeannie as [Mrs. Korokowski]
  13. Dauphin, Antonia as [Gaby]
  14. Missal, Catherine as [Lily] <4>
  15. Schaus, Leila as [Intern]
  16. von Allmen, Tah as [Middle Aged Woman]


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

Wilhelm Wilder (Will) is a talented actor stuck on a New York City children's TV show where he portrays Bad Luck Bunny, a hapless green rabbit. Feeling a failure, he bears his fate with touching self-irony, but grows sulky and petulant when he thinks that his wife, daughter and all his friends have forgotten his 40th birthday. In the confusion following a road accident, all the world believes he is dead. Instead of rectifying the situation, he decides to fulfill a fantasy and attend his own funeral. Here he will learn what everyone really thinks of him. With the aid of his best friend Rad, an Indian restaurant-owner, Will becomes Vijay Singh, a handsome and gentlemanly Sikh, complete with turban and beard. On this memorable occasion and in the days that follow, Vijay is surprised to learn some embarrassing truths about Will. And on top of it, his newly-widowed, beautiful wife Julia takes an unseemly, romantic interest in this elegant, sexy stranger. Will confronts a unique problem: everyone likes Vijay, and most of all, he likes Vijay, more than he ever liked himself. Sam Garbaski Plot not found


  1. Duplantier, Alain


  1. Berger, Anne (IV) (production secretary)
  2. Brugmann, Gero (legal advisor: financing)
  3. Chou, Blaine (key production assistant)
  4. de Lindo, Juan Diaz (production assistant)
  5. Gilson, Natacha (production assistant)
  6. McGrath, Erika (I) (production assistant)
  7. Mengel, Stéphanie (location assistant)
  8. O'Connor, James (XXI) (production assistant)
  9. Pazmino, Hugo (assistant location manager: new york)
  10. Prevost, Stephan (production assistant)
  11. Rapp, Oriane (assistant location manager)
  12. Rodd, Vanessa Lee (location manager: new york)
  13. Rodriguez, Vered (production assistant)
  14. Siska, Kristina (office production assistant: New York)

Other Titles

  1. My Friend Vijay (2013) (ENG)
    (working title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  2. New York, USA - (USA)
  3. Köln - (Germany)