When Calls the Heart (2013) (TV) TV

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(Hollywood) USA

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Believe Pictures [us]
Castel Film Studio [ro]
Jordan Films [ca]
Motion Picture Corporation of America (MPCA) [us]

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Full Cast

  1. Amell, Stephen as [Wynn Delaney]
  2. Arsenault, Alex (I) as [Young Farmer]
  3. Ballard, Joshua (I) as [Lars Peterson]
  4. Carey, Tom (III) as [Mr. Moran]
  5. Cork, Griffin as [Harvey Mattock]
  6. Duke, Sam as [Andy Moran]
  7. Harrison, Anthony (I) as [Mr. Clark]
  8. Iliescu, Mihai (I) as [Outlaw 2]
  9. Ionescu, Andrei as [Outlaw 1]
  10. Jones, Gwynfor as [John]
  11. Kerr, Christian as [Phillip Delaney, Jr.]
  12. Krivanek, Andrew as [Mr. Worthington]
  13. Lawson, Greg (I) as [Rev. Dickenson]
  14. Martell, Brian (IV) as [Mr. Leverly]
  15. Olds, Brandon as [Carl Clark]
  16. Petre, Marin as [Outlaw 3]
  17. Puscasu, Constatin as [Mayor Ramsey]
  18. Runyan, Tygh as [Phillip Delaney, Sr.]
  19. Selaru, Constantin as [Stagecoach Driver]
  20. Sharman, Daniel as [Edward Montclair]
  21. Townsend, Jimmy as [Spencer]
  22. Villiers, Christopher as [Mr. Thatcher]
  23. Williams, Lee (II) as [Higgins]
  24. Bowker, Emily as [Margaret Thatcher]
  25. Calis, Natasha as [Perlie Leverly]
  26. Devereaux, Katie Lyn as [Cindy Blake]
  27. Drayton, Poppy as [Elizabeth]
  28. Duke, Hannah as [Teressa Moran]
  29. Dyck, Lisa as [Olga Peterson]
  30. Grace, Maggie as [Aunt Elizabeth]
  31. Hall, Lynley as [Lydia Delaney]
  32. Head, Daisy as [Julie Thatcher]
  33. Loughlin, Lori as [Abigail Stanton]
  34. Lunghi, Cherie as [Mrs. Thatcher]
  35. Orr, Maya Eden as [Schoolgirl]
  36. Ravensborg, Lori as [Mrs. Moran]
  37. Rizea, Miriam as [Emma]
  38. Sendecki, Kyla as [Sally Blake]
  39. Smart, Jean as [Frances Tunnecliffe]

Total Business

PD: 3 September 2012 - 16 October 2012

Music Composers

  1. Holdridge, Lee


  1. Bakalov, Christo

Dress Designers

  1. Jumelle, Camille


Hallmark Channel, The [us] - (2012) (USA) (TV)


  1. Amell, Edwin (security coordinator: Canada unit)
  2. Apostu, Alina (script supervisor: Romania unit)
  3. Brophy, Vincent (location production assistant: Canada unit)
  4. Coman, Cristian (production assistant: Romania unit)
  5. Cruthers, Allison (craft service: Canada unit)
  6. Desmond, Tony (I) (production accountant: Canada unit)
  7. Dragomir, Gabriela (production accountant: Romania unit)
  8. Garban, Iulian (set medic: Romania unit)
  9. Georgescu, Andreea (payroll cashier: Romania unit)
  10. Gheorghiu, Miruna (production coordinator: Romania unit)
  11. Groner, Mike (I) (insurance broker)
  12. Hornland, Brett (production coordinator trainee: Canada unit)
  13. Hunter, Erica Joseph (production accountant: US)
  14. Iancu, Daniel (location utility: Romania unit)
  15. Imlach, Gordon (I) (unit publicist: Canada unit)
  16. Irvine, Shirley (assistant craft services: Canada unit)
  17. Lipton, Rick (dialect coach for Poppy Drayton: pre-production)
  18. Lunca, Dumitrita (production assistant: Romania unit)
  19. Magcawas, Luz (assistant accountant: Canada unit)
  20. Milner, Marion (script supervisor: Canada unit)
  21. Moraru, Silvia (production assistant: Romania unit)
  22. Nechita, Radu (extras coordinator: Romania unit)
  23. Nicolae, Patrana (location utility: Romania unit)
  24. Pop, Marian (production assistant: Romania unit)
  25. Purje, Alex (production assistant: Romania unit)
  26. Rieboldt, Casey (additional script supervisor)
  27. Ringer, Katherine L. (assistant production coordinator: Canada unit)
  28. Ruschin, Nancy (assistant accountant: Canada unit)
  29. Solly, Darryl (location manager: Canada unit)
  30. Stan, Doru (location manager: Romania unit)
  31. Stoian, Andreea (assistant accountant: Romania unit)
  32. Touw, Marla (production coordinator: Canada unit)
  33. Wagner, William (VI) (assistant location manager: Canada unit)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Bucharest, Romania
  2. Romania
  3. Alberta, Canada