While We Were (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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R2 Productions [us]

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Full Cast

  1. Anthony, James (VII) as [Father]
  2. Barner, Jeremy as [Ghost]
  3. Brunswick, Nathan as [Thug]
  4. Crawford, Clayne as [Joey]
  5. Haney, Ryan as [Ghost of drifter's son]
  6. Helle, Kiefer as [Ghost]
  7. Hill, Dane (III) as [Dane]
  8. Johnson, Alex (XXVII) as [Ghost]
  9. LaCamera, Leo as [Ghost]
  10. McAmey, Tyler as [Ghost]
  11. Merritt, Casey as [Thug]
  12. Nelson, Eric Wolfgang as [Drifter]
  13. Pennington, Jeff as [Jeff]
  14. Sawyer, Adam (IV) as [Hunter]
  15. Sawyer, Mark (VI) as [Mechanic]
  16. Smorski, Vania as [John]
  17. Wooldridge, Tommy as [Ghost]
  18. Hankin, Kate as [Tara]
  19. Jae, Rachel as [Rachel]
  20. Keplinger, Rebekah as [Babysitter]
  21. Neal, Heather as [Hunter's Wife]
  22. Sawyer, Cindy as [Jeff's Daughter]
  23. Smalling, Ronda as [Jeff's Mother]

Full Plot

Shifting between dream states and reality, "While We Were" follows three strangers as they are drawn together by a mysterious reoccurring dream to a rural town revealing an illusory underworld where they encounter apparitions and other strange happenings surrounding a botched drug deal that inextricably link their fate. A down on his luck small time drug dealer (Jeff Pennington) finds himself on the run after returning home to deliver on the biggest deal of his life in the hopes of being reunited with his daughter. When his double-crossing partner leaves him empty handed and with his life on the line he seeks shelter at his parent's house in the country whereupon he discovers the ghost of his dead father (James Anthony) whose claims of the future lead him to fulfilling the events as prophesied by his reoccurring dream. In search of answers to her past, a young woman (Kate Hankin) hitchhiking through a small town meets several characters that appear to her at first in her dreams. Among them, a charming outlaw (Clayne Crawford) whose dark secrets are revealed when he agrees to help her find a lake she envisions. And finally, several years after the disappearance of his son, a hapless drifter living off the land (Wolfgang Nelson) is led by a series of unexplainable events back to the life he left behind. Robert Roa Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 5,000


  1. Roa, Robert

Film Editors

  1. Roa, Robert


  1. Hartman, Garrett (location scout)
  2. Mehelis, George (story consultant)
  3. Merritt, Casey (production assistant)
  4. Wooldridge, Tom (production assistant)