Whiskey Bay (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
ANA Media [us]
Chris Brinker Productions
Mandalay Vision [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Berenger, Tom as [Lutin]
  2. Braymer, John as [District Attorney]
  3. Brinker, Patrick as [Cobb]
  4. Chapman, Kevin (I) as [Morris]
  5. Connor, Don Bud as [Judge Donner]
  6. Currie, Garth as [Club Patron]
  7. Dafoe, Willem as [Bud Carter]
  8. Denham, Christopher (II) as [Tommy Weiland]
  9. Dillon, Matt as [Jesse Weiland]
  10. Duke, Bill (I) as [Nokes]
  11. Evermore, J.D. as [Murphy - Captain of the Guards]
  12. Gural, Ron as [Robert Sherman]
  13. Hawxhurst, Oren as (as Luke Hawx) [Doorman]
  14. Juliano, Aldo as [Long Hair AB]
  15. La Botz, Jake as [Jacket]
  16. Leaf, Jeff as [David Marandino]
  17. Lee, John Edward as [Catfish Stanton]
  18. Marquette, Chris as [Fitch]
  19. Marrero, Hans as [Naseem]
  20. Matthews, Eddie (IV) as [Prison guard]
  21. McDonough, Neal as [Kiersey]
  22. Montgomery, Ritchie as [Nady Grace]
  23. Ortiz, Gustavo I. as (uncredited) [Lybian Mafia]
  24. Rhodes, Dane as [Billings]
  25. Solowitz, Alex as [Buzz McKinnnon] <11>
  26. Stanly, Jason as (uncredited) [Uniformed Deputy Sheriff]
  27. Surels, Ronn as [Henchman]
  28. Uzzell, Joseph as [Deputy Sheriff Leigh]
  29. Warner, Glen as [Cowboy]
  30. Weller, Frederick as [Shepherd]
  31. Yarborough, Jesse as [Deputy Sheriff (Scott)]
  32. Yesso, Don as [Captain Bannock] <7>
  33. Yesso, Dylan as [Spider]
  34. Bruun-Andersen, Erika as [Sherry]
  35. James, Gayle as [Lutin's Girl]
  36. Smart, Amy as [Lynn Weiland]


  1. Action
  2. Crime
  3. Drama
  4. Mystery
  5. Thriller

Total Business

SD: - 6 September 2012


  1. Popovic, Zoran (III)

Dress Designers

  1. McLeod, Mary E.


  1. Bails, John (executive in charge of financing)
  2. Brahm, Ashley (production coordinator)
  3. Butler, Morey (armorer)
  4. Choo, Kristy (production secretary)
  5. Dellocono, Holly (office production assistant)
  6. Foster, Erin (II) (assistant: Willem Dafoe)
  7. French, Charlie (I) (locations)
  8. French, Will (executive in charge of financing)
  9. Garlington, Kristin (assistant production coordinator)
  10. Guilbeau, Gabriel (I) (key crafts service)
  11. Hartman, Sara (key set production assistant)
  12. Hurst, Tiaka (unit publicist)
  13. Jackson, Curt (location assistant)
  14. Landry, Skipper (stand in/double)
  15. Lee, Ryan Chase (location assistant)
  16. Longanecker, Rikki (cast assistant: Matt Dillon)
  17. Mann, Michael Andrew (payroll accountant)
  18. Pardo, Diego Daniel (dialect coach: Mr. Dillon, prep.)
  19. Pennington, Willard (location assistant)
  20. Roberts, Stephen (X) (executive in charge of financing)
  21. Sill, Wendy (post production accountant)
  22. Sparks, Garin (on set medic)
  23. Stevens, Dave (V) (set production assistant)
  24. Stevens, Dave (V) (set production intern)
  25. Stiner, Danielle (key set production assistant)
  26. Ulrich, Steven W. (production assistant)