"Wind at My Back" (1996) {My Beautiful Mom (#3.4)} TV Season

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Overview "Wind at My Back" Season 03 Episode 04 (S03E04)



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Production Company
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) [ca]
Sullivan Entertainment [ca]
Wind At My Back Productions [ca]

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All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Canada) - 7 February 1999

Running Time
Canada:60 (with commercials)



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Full Cast

  1. Blackburn, Richard (I) as [Archie Attenborough] <16>
  2. Carroll, James (III) as [Max Sutton] <6>
  3. Humphrey, Mark (I) as [Tucker Findlay] <8>
  4. MacDonald, Dan (I) as [Alden Cramp] <13>
  5. Provencher, Dylan as [Hub Bailey] <4>
  6. Savage, Tyrone as [Fat Bailey] <5>
  7. Vadas, Kenny as [Tony Piretti] <14>
  8. Wittig, Josh as [Buck Mayhew] <12>
  9. Belliveau, Cynthia as [Honey Sutton] <2>
  10. Cahill, Sally (I) as [Marjorie Behan] <15>
  11. Craig, Robin (I) as [Toppy Bailey] <7>
  12. Douglas, Shirley (I) as [May Bailey] <1>
  13. Graham, Stephanie (I) as [Frankie Bloore] <10>
  14. Greenwood, Kathryn as [Grace Bailey] <3>
  15. Long, Kathryn (I) as [Doris Bailey] <9>
  16. Moroney, Marianne as [Snide Woman] <17>
  17. Sommerville, Julia as [Clarice Bloore] <11>

Full Plot

Max and Honey have decided to give Hub a little more leeway in his life, something difficult for Honey to do as she still does not agree with many of the choices he is making. Doris is coming back to New Bedford to visit with her mother. Along with Doris are her two snobbish friends, sisters Frankie and Clarice Bloore, to whom Doris has told fanciful stories of her mother's glamorous but tragic life, the stories seemingly straight out of a romance novel. Upon their arrival, the Bloore sisters see in New Bedford and its residents a backward rural town and backward townsfolk not to their urban sensibilities. Toppy gets wind of her daughter's stories about her and does whatever she can to gain her daughter's approval. Doris' visit coincides with the annual New Bedford Fall Fair. Historically organized by May, the Fall Fair this year is being organized by Grace because of May's health issues. Things are going relatively smoothly until the grand prize for the fair's showpiece - the most beautiful mother-baby competition - gets broken in transit to New Bedford. Along comes Tucker Findlay to save the day. Tucker is a photographer with popular Vanity Lane magazine, he who is traveling the Ontario fair circuit doing portraiture sales. He offers his services as the grand prize. Although a good photographer, Tucker is a scam artist, bilking local businesses along the way and offering unrealistic hopes of fame and fortune to his customers for a price. What's worse is that he is a Lothario preying on unsuspecting women. Although caught up like everyone else with Tucker's promises, Honey soon learns first hand of Tucker's true nature. First, he captures a risqué photograph of Honey - unintentionally risqué on Honey's part - which he talks Alden into running as the front page photograph for the Chronicle's Fall Fair edition. And second, he gropes Honey at a later photo shoot. When Tucker seemingly has run out of town without settling his financial accounts, Honey, Max, Archie, Grace and Hub go after him at what is his last scheduled meeting in New Bedford, that at the Bailey household to take Toppy's portrait. Will they make it in time to catch Tucker and more importantly save Toppy from his groping hands? Huggo Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Gillis, Don (I)


  1. Saad, Robert (as Bob Saad)

Dress Designers

  1. Secord, Ruth


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) [ca] - (1998) (Canada) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Wilkinson, Mairin


  1. Hlinomaz, Iva (production accountant)
  2. James, Sarah (III) (production coordinator)
  3. Matthews, Dan (I) (location manager)
  4. Morgan, Susan (III) (creative head: tv dramatic series, CBC)
  5. Williams, Bosede (script supervisor)


[Doris is introducing her friends to her family] Henry 'Fat' Bailey: Hi. I'm Fat. Frankie Bloore: Don't be so hard on yourself, little boy. Doris Bailey: No, Fat's his name.