Wingmen Incorporated (2013) Movie

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Full Cast

  1. Aguis, Derrick as [Johnny Cakes]
  2. Arnett, Courtney as [Waitress]
  3. Babbs, Matthew as [Culbertson]
  4. Bayona, Victor as [Terrorist #2]
  5. Clayborne, Linden as [Wedding guest]
  6. Clayborne, Scott as [Wedding guest]
  7. Clayborne, Sheridan as [Wedding guest]
  8. Coats, Janelle (I) as [Laura]
  9. Cordts, Heath as [Tom]
  10. Denenberg, Evan as [Wedding guest]
  11. Denenberg, Greg as [Wedding guest]
  12. Denenberg, Jacob as [Simon]
  13. Doherty, James R. as [Bobby]
  14. Frere, William J. as [Restaurant Patron]
  15. Gamlin, Jeff as [Fred]
  16. Gayton, Dan as [Justin's Groomsmen]
  17. Gayton, Jackson as [Wedding guest]
  18. Gayton, Ken (I) as [Justin]
  19. Gayton, Logan as [Wedding guest]
  20. Georgopoulus, Perry as [Wedding guest]
  21. Kudla, Andrew as [Larry]
  22. LeBoeuf, Mike as [Wedding guest]
  23. Lemrise, David G. as [Police Officer]
  24. Leonard, David (IV) as [Man]
  25. Merker, Bill as [Priest]
  26. Miller, Kevin (XXI) as [Conner]
  27. Nowicki, Corinne as [Wedding guest]
  28. Payne, Megan as [Lucy]
  29. Porterfield, Tyler (II) as [Bobby Supporter #2]
  30. Razavi, Josh as [Big Rig]
  31. Schaver, Jason as [Stevenson]
  32. Shea, Nick as [Terrorist #1]
  33. Sloan, Walt as [Doctor Barkins]
  34. Uszler, James A. as [Wedding guest]
  35. Williams, Greg C. as [Alfonso]
  36. August, Ada as [Katie's Maid of Honor]
  37. August, Aleksandra as [Katie] <22>
  38. Biondolillo, Domenica as [Water Drinker]
  39. Bookbinder, Brittany as [Natalie] <24>
  40. Cantor, Elyse as [Amanda] <25>
  41. Carol, Bethany as [Nora] <3>
  42. Clayborne, Berkeley as [Girl]
  43. DeJesus, Kim as [Abby] <15>
  44. Denenberg, Ami as [Wedding guest]
  45. Denenberg, Sarah as [Wedding guest]
  46. Edwards, Amanda Leigh as [Martini Drinker's Friend]
  47. Finch, Abbey as [Heather]
  48. Galloway, Anna Baird as [Debra's Friend]
  49. Gayton, Alexandra as [Junior Bridesmaid]
  50. Gayton, Amy as [Bobby Supporter #1]
  51. Gayton, Nikki as [Flower Girl]
  52. Gillette, Maggie as [Grossed Out Girl]
  53. Goldberg, Beth as [Wedding guest]
  54. Gomez, Hannah as [Debra]
  55. Grubb, Jennifer as [Julie]
  56. Gutierrez-Sloan, Esther as [Doctor Barkins' Wife]
  57. Jardine, Katie as [Katie's Bridesmaid]
  58. Jardine, Molly (I) as [Nora's Bridesmaid]
  59. Johnston, Kassie as [Nose Pierced Girl's Friend]
  60. Koska, Christine as [Katie's Bridesmaid]
  61. Kyriakakis, Christina as [Tessa] <14>
  62. Lewin, Blair as [Simone]
  63. Loughlin, Kimberly as [Daphney] <21>
  64. March, Chelsey-Elizabeth as [Tina] <19>
  65. McGrath, Allison as [Emma] <27>
  66. Merrick, Caroline as [Nose Pierced Girl]
  67. Pattawi, Mercy as [Wedding guest]
  68. Rhodes, Hannah (I) as [Nora's Bridesmaid]
  69. Rhodes, Hannah (II) as [Nora's Bridesmaid]
  70. Rude, Elizabeth as [Fred's Wife] <17>
  71. Schmidt, Ashley Nichole as [Rebecca]
  72. Spaid, Jessica as [Eve] <28>
  73. Stasiw, Barb as [Conner's Mom] <16>
  74. Steveson, Sam as (as Samantha Steveson) [Martini Drinker]
  75. Suckow, Sandy as [Diner Owner]
  76. Thoma, Charlotte as [Wedding guest]
  77. Wilde, Valerie as [Nancy]
  78. Wittenberger, Shannon as [Roxanne]


  1. Comedy

Total Business

BT: USD 4,000


  1. Smith, Andrew K.


Adjusted Gratuity [us] - (2013) (USA) (video)
Moped Jones Entertainment [us] - (2013) (USA) (DVD)

Film Editors

  1. Gayton, Ken (I)


  1. Hutt, Brendan (fighting choreographer)


Stevenson: I didn't lose all this weight so I could keep banging fat chicks! Alfonso: Nobody can get this guy laid! He keeps saying fucked up shit! Larry: I'm sorry, I get nervous around Negros. And he's one of the darker ones. Larry: My 5 year old son has a bigger dick than me, and that little bastard knows it!

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Chicago, Illinois, USA


- Ken Gayton, who plays "Justin" (a psychologist), actually has a psychology degree from the University of Colorado.

- The beginning of the screenplay was actually written as a beginning to another screenplay that Jason Schaver was writing while Ken Gayton was starting to write Wingmen Incorporated. Ken couldn't really think of a decent set up for Wingmen Incorporated and really felt like Jason's beginning to his other screenplay would work great in Wingmen Incorporated. Jason wasn't sold at first, but eventually warmed up to the idea of using his beginning for Wingmen Incorporated.

- The middle and last name of the main character (Justin Daniel Tanner) is named after Bob Saget's character on the popular late 80s/early 90s sitcom Full House.

- The bulk of the funds for this film came from fans of Jason and Ken through an online fundraiser. They received donations from as far away as England and Germany.

- Jason Schaver's mother (Deb Schaver) provided all the decorations for the wedding scenes. She has been in the floral industry for over 30 years and owns her own store in Fulton, IL.

- Jason Schaver (Stevenson) lost 35 pounds getting ready for this role. He weighed 240