World Music Awards 2004 (2004) (TV) TV

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(Hollywood) USA

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3.2/ 10 (20 Votes)

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Production Company
Marcor International Productions [mc]

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Release Date
(USA) - 14 September 2004

Running Time


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Full Cast

  1. Anthony, Marc (I) as [Himself - Performer]
  2. Bantner, Chad as [Dancer]
  3. Benjamin, André as (as Outkast) [Himself - Performer]
  4. Big Boi as (as Outkast) [Himself - Performer]
  5. Bryant, Kobe as [Himself - Presenter]
  6. Copperfield, David (I) as [Himself - Presenter]
  7. Davis, Clive (I) as [Himself - Special Award Recipient]
  8. Douglas, Michael (I) as [Himself - Presenter]
  9. Duncan, Michael Clarke as [Himself - Presenter]
  10. Groban, Josh as [Himself - Performer]
  11. Hoobastank as [Themselves - Performers]
  12. Maroon 5 as [Themselves - Performers]
  13. McKnight, Brian (I) as [Himself - Presenter]
  14. Raymond, Usher as (as Usher) [Himself - Performer]
  15. Seal as [Himself - Presenter]
  16. Velvet Revolver as [Themselves - Presenters]
  17. West, Kanye as [Himself - Performer]
  18. Anderson, Pamela (I) as [Herself - Presenter]
  19. Bantner, Julia as [Dancer]
  20. Ciara (I) as [Herself - Presenter]
  21. Clarkson, Kelly as [Herself - Presenter]
  22. Dion, Céline as [Herself - Performer]
  23. Duff, Hilary as [Herself - Performer]
  24. Houston, Whitney as [Herself - Performer]
  25. Jackson, LaToya as (as La Toya Jackson) [Herself - Presenter]
  26. Keys, Alicia as [Herself - Performer/Presenter]
  27. Klum, Heidi as [Herself - Presenter]
  28. LaBelle, Patti as [Herself - Performer]
  29. Lavigne, Avril as [Herself - Performer]
  30. Lawton, Denyce as [Performer]
  31. Love, Courtney as [Herself - Presenter]
  32. Parisi, Sabrina as [Herself]
  33. Smith, Anna Nicole as [Herself - Presenter]
  34. Stikeman, Naomi as
  35. Tookey, Stacey as [Dancer]


  1. Music

Full Plot

In a production from Las Vegas, the World Music Awards present awards for international record sales, with Usher cast as a multiple award winner as well as performer. With a string of celebrity presenters including Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Douglas, the exclusively North American list of performers also comprises Diamond Award recipient Celine Dion, Kanye West, Usher, Big Boi featuring Patti LaBelle, Avril Lavigne, Alicia Keys, Josh Groban, Hilary Duff, Marc Anthony, Hoobastank, Maroon 5, and Whitney Houston in a special performance honouring record executive Clive Davis. Peter Brandt Nielsen Plot not found


ABC Capital Cities Television Network [us] - (2004) (USA) (TV)


  1. Freeman, Nicci (production coordinator)
  2. Gaida, Christopher (talent escort)
  3. Hurd, Erv (technical director)
  4. Laidley, Kristen (script assistant)
  5. Llamas, Steve (audience coordinator: Mosh Pit)
  6. Margolis, Peter (dga stage manager)
  7. Moscoso, Sharon (audience coordinator)
  8. Patel, Leena (yoga instructor)
  9. Russell, Torrey (production coordinator)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA