X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.7/ 10 (174194 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence, and some partial nudity

Production Company
Big Screen Productions - (produced in association with)
Donners' Company [us]
Dune Entertainment [us] - (in association with)
Ingenious Film Partners [gb] - (produced in association with)
Marvel Enterprises [us] - (in association with) (as Marvel Entertainment)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Australia) - 8 April 2009
(Argentina) - 27 April 2009
(Netherlands) - 27 April 2009
(Argentina) - 28 April 2009
(Netherlands) - 28 April 2009

Running Time


ace-of-diamonds, action-hero, airplane, ak-47, ambulance, american-civil-war, amnesia, anti-hero, anti-villain, asian-american, assassin, axe, back-from-the-dead, bar, bar-brawl, bar-fight, bare-butt, bare-chested-male, barn, based-on-comic, based-on-comic-book, battle, battle-tank, battlefield, bayonet,

Technical Support
CAM:Arriflex 435, Panavision Primo and Angenieux Optimo Lenses
CAM:Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL, Panavision Primo and Angenieux Optimo Lenses
LAB:DeLuxe, Hollywood (CA), USA - (also prints)
LAB:EFILM Digital Laboratories, Hollywood (CA), USA - (digital intermediate)
MET:2931 m - (Sweden)
MET:2936 m - (Portugal, 35 mm)
MET:2939 m - (Norway)
OFM:35 mm - (Kodak Vision2 200T 5217, Vision3 500T 5219)
PCS:Digital Intermediate - (4K) (master format)
PCS:Super 35 - (source format)
PFM:35 mm - (anamorphic) (Kodak Vision 2383)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Adkins, Scott (II) as (uncredited) [Weapon XI]
  2. Anderton, Stephen (I) as [Marcuse] <25>
  3. Barry, Peter (V) as [Male Nurse #2] <30>
  4. Battee, Don as [Huge Doorman] <43>
  5. Beattie, Karl (II) as [School Child] <22>
  6. Breker, Eric as [Special Forces Commander] <48>
  7. Browne, Henry as [Curtis] <39>
  8. Butler, Nathin as [Male Nurse #1] <29>
  9. Caton, Septimus as [Bartender] <27>
  10. Chief-Moon, Byron as [Hunter #2] <51>
  11. Cullen, Max as [Travis Hudson] <13>
  12. Dale, Matthew (I) as [Surgeon] <28>
  13. Dever, James D. as [Platoon Leader] <35>
  14. Dopud, Mike as [Vietnam Army Officer] <52>
  15. Durand, Kevin as [Fred Dukes] <6>
  16. Elleston-Enahoro, April as (scenes deleted) [Ororo Munroe]
  17. Flanagan, Rob (V) as [Driver] <45>
  18. Gee, Anthony as [Carnival Guy] <20>
  19. Griffiths, Adrian G. as (as Adrian Hughes) [Hunter #1] <50>
  20. Henney, Daniel as [Agent Zero] <9>
  21. Huston, Danny as [Stryker] <3>
  22. Jackman, Hugh as [Logan/Wolverine] <1>
  23. Jeffery, Aaron as [Thomas Logan] <17>
  24. Kae-Kazim, Hakeem as [African Businessman] <46>
  25. Kitsch, Taylor as [Remy LeBeau] <8>
  26. Kreusler, Dennis as (uncredited) [Soldier]
  27. Leeder, Stephen as [General Munson] <34>
  28. Monaghan, Dominic as [Chris Bradley/Bolt] <7>
  29. Negreanu, Daniel as [Poker Player] <41>
  30. O Brien, Peter (II) as [John Howlett] <16>
  31. O Sullivan, Tom (II) as [Logging Supervisor] <23>
  32. Obuga, Martin as [Muttering Man] <36>
  33. Olsen, Michael-James as [Young Victor] <15>
  34. Otto, Socratis as [Lead Technician - Alkali Lake] <33>
  35. Padagas, Paul as (uncredited) [Warden]
  36. Panou as [Tank Soldier] <55>
  37. Patterson, Philip A. as (as Phil Patterson) [Firing Squad Leader] <19>
  38. Phan, Johnson as [Vietnamese Man] <56>
  39. Pocock, Tim as [Scott Summers] <11>
  40. Pollard, Myles as [Phelan] <24>
  41. Reynolds, Ryan (I) as [Wade Wilson] <10>
  42. Ritchie, David (II) as [Dr. Cornelius] <31>
  43. Sadrinna, Chris as [Van Mier] <26>
  44. Schreiber, Liev as [Victor Creed] <2>
  45. Shrimpton, John (II) as [Stryker Aide] <38>
  46. Sivan, Troye as [Young James] <14>
  47. Smith, Chaz as (uncredited) [Bourbon Street Reveler]
  48. Smith, Terry Lee as (uncredited) [Bourbon Street Partier]
  49. Stewart, Patrick (I) as (uncredited) [Professor Charles Xavier]
  50. Sturrock, Evan as [Drunken Man In Alley] <44>
  51. Thompson, Ian (VII) as (uncredited) [School Bus Driver]
  52. Will i Am as (as [John Wraith] <4>
  53. Williams, Joshua Dean as (uncredited) [Soldier]
  54. Young, Warwick as [Helicopter Pilot] <61>
  55. Araya, Alison as [Teacher] <47>
  56. Blake, Julia (I) as [Heather Hudson] <12>
  57. Bui, Eileen as [Vietnamese Child] <49>
  58. Clemens, Adelaide as [Carnival Girl] <21>
  59. Collins, Lynn (I) as [Kayla Silverfox] <5>
  60. Connell, Rita Affua as [Nervous African Woman] <37>
  61. Davies, Alexandra (I) as (as Alex Davies) [Woman of the Night] <42>
  62. Glaze-Harper, Susan as (uncredited) [Pedestrian]
  63. Keddie, Asher as [Dr. Carol Frost] <32>
  64. King, Beatrice as (as Beatrice Ilg) [Waitress] <53>
  65. Parkinson, Alice as [Elizabeth Howlett] <18>
  66. Steen, Suzie as (uncredited) [Carnival Mom]
  67. Takegishi, Kanako as [Waitress] <54>
  68. Tang, Jade as [Mutant Twin #1] <58>
  69. Tang, Joelle as [Mutant Twin #2] <59>
  70. Thai, Elizabeth as [Vietnamese Woman] <57>
  71. Tozzi, Tahyna as [Kayla's Sister/Emma Frost] <40>
  72. Tranchant, Elizabeth as (uncredited) [Pedestrian]


  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Sci-Fi
  4. Thriller

Full Plot

Two mutant brothers, Logan and Victor, born 200 years ago, suffer childhood trauma and have only each other to depend on. Basically, they're fighters and killers, living from war to war through U.S. history. In modern times, a U.S. colonel, Stryker, recruits them and other mutants as commandos. Logan quits and becomes a logger, falling in love with a local teacher. When Logan refuses to rejoin Stryker's crew, the colonel sends the murderous Victor. Logan now wants revenge. Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 251,187 (Netherlands) (31 December 2009) BT: USD 150,000,000 CP: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Dune Entertainment III LLC in all territories except Brazil, Italy, Japan, Korea and Spain; TCF Hungary Film Rights Exploitation Limited Liability Company, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Dune Entertainment III LLC in Brazil, Italy, Japan, Korea and Spain GR: USD 179,883,157 (USA) (1 October 2009) GR: USD 179,883,016 (USA) (27 September 2009) GR: USD 179,879,825 (USA) (20 September 2009) GR: USD 179,878,374 (USA) (13 September 2009) GR: USD 179,875,159 (USA) (6 September 2009) GR: USD 179,863,544 (USA) (30 August 2009) GR: USD 179,801,299 (USA) (16 August 2009) GR: USD 179,737,340 (USA) (9 August 2009) GR: USD 179,638,403 (USA) (2 August 2009) GR: USD 179,464,085 (USA) (26 July 2009) GR: USD 179,193,521 (USA) (19 July 2009) GR: USD 178,841,391 (USA) (12 July 2009) GR: USD 178,341,745 (USA) (5 July 2009) GR: USD 177,836,819 (USA) (28 June 2009) GR: USD 177,288,905 (USA) (21 June 2009) GR: USD 174,347,386 (USA) (7 June 2009) GR: USD 165,164,423 (USA) (24 May 2009) GR: USD 150,993,169 (USA) (17 May 2009) GR: USD 129,032,435 (USA) (10 May 2009) GR: USD 85,058,003 (USA) (3 May 2009) GR: GBP 16,166,926 (UK) (7 June 2009) GR: GBP 15,188,597 (UK) (24 May 2009) GR: GBP 14,259,070 (UK) (17 May 2009) GR: GBP 12,150,570 (UK) (10 May 2009) GR: GBP 6,658,979 (UK) (3 May 2009) GR: USD 373,062,864 (Worldwide) (1 October 2009) GR: PHP 97,887,897 (Philippines) (14 June 2009) GR: PHP 96,642,288 (Philippines) (7 June 2009) GR: PHP 96,533,836 (Philippines) (31 May 2009) GR: PHP 95,068,263 (Philippines) (24 May 2009) GR: PHP 91,984,333 (Philippines) (17 May 2009) GR: PHP 76,373,572 (Philippines) (10 May 2009) GR: PHP 45,988,747 (Philippines) (3 May 2009) OW: USD 85,058,003 (USA) (3 May 2009) (4,099 screens) OW: GBP 6,658,979 (UK) (3 May 2009) (488 screens) OW: PHP 45,988,747 (Philippines) (3 May 2009) (91 screens) SD: 18 January 2008 - 23 May 2008 WG: USD 2,760 (USA) (27 September 2009) (4 screens) WG: USD 883 (USA) (20 September 2009) (5 screens) WG: USD 2,627 (USA) (13 September 2009) (7 screens) WG: USD 6,014 (USA) (6 September 2009) (10 screens) WG: USD 14,116 (USA) (30 August 2009) (26 screens) WG: USD 34,684 (USA) (16 August 2009) (64 screens) WG: USD 44,794 (USA) (9 August 2009) (92 screens) WG: USD 82,355 (USA) (2 August 2009) (129 screens) WG: USD 139,663 (USA) (26 July 2009) (181 screens) WG: USD 192,096 (USA) (19 July 2009) (226 screens) WG: USD 295,839 (USA) (12 July 2009) (279 screens) WG: USD 296,352 (USA) (5 July 2009) (303 screens) WG: USD 310,167 (USA) (28 June 2009) (360 screens) WG: USD 635,130 (USA) (21 June 2009) (536 screens) WG: USD 1,927,096 (USA) (7 June 2009) (1,389 screens) WG: USD 9,910,686 (USA) (24 May 2009) (3,183 screens) WG: USD 14,702,425 (USA) (17 May 2009) (3,892 screens) WG: USD 26,408,288 (USA) (10 May 2009) (4,102 screens) WG: USD 85,058,003 (USA) (3 May 2009) (4,099 screens) WG: GBP 132,197 (UK) (7 June 2009) (208 screens) WG: GBP 459,405 (UK) (24 May 2009) (407 screens) WG: GBP 1,211,104 (UK) (17 May 2009) (452 screens) WG: GBP 2,226,873 (UK) (10 May 2009) (484 screens) WG: GBP 6,658,979 (UK) (3 May 2009) (488 screens) WG: PHP 6,208 (Philippines) (14 June 2009) (1 screen) WG: PHP 217,439 (Philippines) (7 June 2009) (7 screens) WG: PHP 207,858 (Philippines) (31 May 2009) (10 screens) WG: PHP 1,195,072 (Philippines) (24 May 2009) (33 screens) WG: PHP 6,627,724 (Philippines) (17 May 2009) (91 screens) WG: PHP 16,830,776 (Philippines) (10 May 2009) (91 screens) WG: PHP 45,988,747 (Philippines) (3 May 2009) (91 screens)

Movie Certificate

12A (UK)
12 (South Korea)
12A (Ireland)
K-13 (Finland)
PG (Singapore)
12 (Netherlands)
14 (Brazil)
IIA (Hong Kong)
14 (Switzerland)(canton of Vaud)
14 (Switzerland)(canton of Geneva)
PG-13 (Philippines)(MTRCB)
PG-13 (USA)(certificate #44640)
13+ (Canada)(Quebec)
14A (Canada)(Alberta/British Columbia)
15 (Norway)
M/12 (Portugal)
PG (Canada)(Manitoba/Ontario)
15 (Sweden)
M (Australia)
16 (Germany)(cut) (theatrical version)
16 (Germany)(uncut) (home video version)
14 (Peru)
16 (Argentina)
B (Mexico)
14 (Iceland)
U (France)
G (Japan)
R-12 (Taiwan)
11 (Denmark)
13V (South Africa)
16 (Austria)
M (New Zealand)
PG-13 (Malaysia)

Music Composers

  1. Gregson-Williams, Harry


  1. McAlpine, Donald (I) (director of photography) (as Donald M. McAlpine)

Dress Designers

  1. Mingenbach, Louise


20th Century Fox Home Entertainment [be] - (2009) (Belgium) (DVD)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment [be] - (2009) (Belgium) (DVD) (Blu-ray)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment [br] - (2009) (Brazil) (DVD)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment [us] - (2009) (USA) (DVD)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment [us] - (2009) (USA) (DVD) (Blu-ray)
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fX Network [us] - (2010) (USA) (TV)


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William Stryker: You were sentenced for decapitating a senior officer. The warden tells me that your sentence was carried out by a firing squad at 1000 hours. How'd that go? Logan: It tickled. William Stryker: My name is Major William Stryker. You boys tired of running? Tired of denying your true nature? Tired of wars? Victor Creed: Why do you care? William Stryker: Oh, I care. I care because I know how valuable you are. I'm putting together a special team, with special privileges. So tell me, after defending this country for 150 years and 4 wars, how would you like to really serve your country? William Stryker: Welcome to the war. [from trailer] Logan: We didn't sign up for this. Victor Creed: Who do you think you are? This is what we do! Logan: I'm done. Victor Creed: We can't just let you walk away! [Logan rips off his dog tags and walks away] Victor Creed: Jimmy! [Logan reveals his adamantium claws] Victor Creed: Oooh, shiny! Tell me something, Jimmy. Do you even know how to kill me? Logan: I'm gonna cut your goddamned head off! See if that works! [Creed laughs] Remy LeBeau: [dealing] So what brings you to our fair city, sir? Logan: Victor Creed. Remy LeBeau: [halts, looks at Logan] And who's that? Logan: He's the man I'm gonna kill. You see, he works with a man named Stryker on an island. Just need to know where it is. Remy LeBeau: And why would you think I know that? Logan: Well, 'cause I know who you are, Gambit. You're the guy who escaped and you're the guy who's gonna take me back there. Remy LeBeau: [stares at Logan's dog tags] Those are mighty nice tags you have there, sir. The men who took me had tags just like 'em. Logan: Hey, now, bub, you listen to me... [Gambit hurls an energized card at Logan] Logan: [holding Stryker in a chokehold to the wall] For six years I've been here, no one knew me. And then you show up, and the next day she's dead! William Stryker: I tried to warn you. Logan: Why didn't you tell me it was Victor? William Stryker: I didn't know! Logan: [slams him against the wall] Bullshit! Why? William Stryker: I swear on my son's life, I didn't! [Logan releases his grip on him] William Stryker: Victor's appetite was becoming too public. I had to lock him up. He felt I betrayed him. He went AWOL. He said he was coming for all of us. Logan: You didn't come to warn me, you came to save your own ass. [walks off] William Stryker: So what's your plan, Captain? You can't beat him, Logan, you know you can't! Logan: I'm gonna go find him and kill him. William Stryker: I can give you the tools to defeat him. [Logan stops and turns to look at Stryker] William Stryker: And we can still save the others. Logan: You mean save yourself, right? William Stryker: I promise you two things: You will suffer more pain than any other man can endure. But you will have your revenge. Logan: I come with you, I'm coming for blood. No law, no code of conduct. You point me in the right direction, you get the hell out of my way. William Stryker: All the horrible things in your life... Your father, the wars, I can make all this go away. You can live knowing that the woman you loved was hunted down, or you can join me. I promise you will have your revenge. Kayla Silverfox: Logan! You're not an animal. Victor Creed: Oh, yes, you are. Do it. Finish it. [Logan knocks him out] William Stryker: Hunt him down. Victor Creed: Looking for me? [Creed grabs Silver Fox by the neck] [John, Jimmy and Victor hear commotion downstairs] Thomas Logan: Elizabeth! Young James Logan: Father! John Howlett: Stay where you are, James! Young James Logan: Father! [John runs downstairs] John Howlett: I told you never to come back here! [gunshot goes off, Elizabeth screams, Jimmy runs downstairs and finds John dead] Thomas Logan: Back away. There are things you don't understand! Elizabeth Howlett: James, go back upstairs. [Jimmy's claws come out, he screams and charges at Thomas - stabbing him in the stomach] Thomas Logan: He wasn't your father, son. Elizabeth Howlett: What are you? [Jimmy runs into the woods] [Creed has a drink in a bar after killing Silver Fox] Bartender: You're not from around here, are you? Victor Creed: [carving a smiley face into the table] What gave me away? Logan: [outside, having tracked Creed down] VICTOR! Victor Creed: [to the bartender] You got insurance on this place? Bartender: Insurance? No. Victor Creed: Too bad... [Logan crashes into the bar] Victor Creed: Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. Bartender: Guys, whatever this is, take it outside. Logan: I wanna know why! Victor Creed: Why? You don't call. You don't write. How else am I supposed to get your attention? [They charge at each other] William Stryker: Mutants. I don't hate them, I just know what they can do. You don't realize this, but we are at war. I took an oath: Protect this country. My name is William Stryker, and I am not a monster. I am simply a patriot. Travis Hudson: We all got a choice, Son. Logan: Mine got taken. That will never happen again. William Stryker: Logan isn't the only piece of this puzzle. Wade Wilson: Great. Stuck in an elevator with five guys on a high-protein diet. William Stryker: Oh, Wade. Wade Wilson: Dreams really do come true. William Stryker: Just shut it! You're up next. Wade Wilson: Thank you, sir. You look really nice today. It's the green. It brings out the seriousness in your eyes. Logan: Oh, my God. Do you ever shut up, pal? Wade Wilson: No. Not when I'm awake. Logan: My whole life I felt like an animal. Then she came along. [from trailer] Wade Wilson: All I ever wanted was to travel off in exotic places and meet new exciting people and then kill them, so I became a mercenary. My name is Wade Wilson. And I love what I do. [from trailer] Remy LeBeau: If I learnt anything about life, it's this: always play the hand you're dealt. My name is Gambit... and I play for keeps. Wade Wilson: I love this weapon more than any other thing in the whole wide world, and you wanna know why? Victor Creed: No. Wade Wilson: It's memorable. Sure it's a little bulky, tough to get on a plane. You whip out a couple of swords at your ex-girlfriend's wedding, they will never, ever forget it. Victor Creed: That's funny Wade, but I've think you've mistaken me with someone who gives a shit. Wade Wilson: Granted, it's probably not as intimidating as having a gun, or bone-claws, or the fingernails of a bag-lady... [Victor draws his claws, Wilson draws his blades] Wade Wilson: Manicure? Logan: [to Victor] Easy. Logan: Are you Remy LeBeau? Remy LeBeau: Do I owe you money? Logan: No. Remy LeBeau: Then Remy LeBeau, I am. [first lines] Young Victor Creed: You're always sick. Young James Logan: You were sick when you were my age. Remy LeBeau: You miss me? Kayla Silverfox: Why the moon is so lonely? Logan: Why? Kayla Silverfox: Because she used to have a lover. Logan: You tell this to the kids? Kayla Silverfox: No. [Logan laughs] Kayla Silverfox: His name was Kuekuatsu and they lived in the spirit world together. Logan: Oh, this is a true story. Kayla Silverfox: Mm-hm. And every night, they would wander the skies together. But, one of the other spirits was jealous. Trickster wanted the Moon for himself. So he told Kuekuatsu that the Moon had asked for flowers; he told him to come to our world and pick her some wild roses. But Kuekuatsu didn't know that once you leave the spirit world, you can never go back. And every night, he looks up in the sky and sees the Moon and howls her name. But... he can never touch her again. Logan: Wow. Koo-koo-ka-choo got screwed. Logan: I thought you were the Moon and I was your Wolverine. Turns out you're the Trickster, and I'm just the fool who got played. Victor Creed: Nobody gets to kill you but me! Remy LeBeau: When you said you were going to kill him, I thought you were exaggerating. Logan: Do I look like a man who exaggerates? Victor Creed: [to Logan when they are about to get executed] Wake me when it's over. Logan: [as he's fighting Gambit] Well, that's a nice stick. [cuts Gambit's bo staff in half] [from trailer] Logan: In my whole life, I felt like an animal. I ignored my instincts, and I ignored what I really am. And that won't ever happen again. Wade Wilson: Time to go to work. Wade Wilson: Okay. People are dead. William Stryker: If you didn't have that mouth of yours, Wade, you'd be the perfect solider. [Wade gives a sarcastic salute to Stryker] William Stryker: Your country needs you. Logan: I'm Canadian. Wade Wilson: Fred got a new tattoo. I'm concerned. Logan: [looks at Fred's tattoo of a woman] Jesus, Fred, you just met her last night. Frederick J. Dukes: I love her. Logan: You love her? After one night? Frederick J. Dukes: She's a gymnast. Frederick J. Dukes: You gonna puke? Logan: If we were meant to fly, we'd grow wings. David North: Aww, don't worry Nancy, more people die from driving than flying. Logan: Yeah? How 'bout impaling? John Wraith: Hey be nice! Or be your approximation of nice... would you like a bucket? William Stryker: I have a job for you. Logan: I already have a job. David North: Lumberjack? Eighteen grand a year? Logan: Eighteen five. Plus I haven't had to kill anybody. David North: Miss it? Logan: Right about now I am. David North: Yeah? William Stryker: Zero, back to the car. Logan: [nods to the car as Zero keeps looking at him] Atta boy. [clicks tongue. Zero goes to the car] Waitress: Are you drinking to forget? Logan: No. I'm drinking to remember. Logan: [upon seeing the obese Fred] Fred Dukes? That looks like the creature that ate Fred Dukes. John Wraith: Hey, be nice, man. Logan: [looks at Fred's tattoo] Hey, fat... Fred. I seem to remember that girl when was about 85 pounds, huh? Frederick J. Dukes: Oh, that's funny. You're still so funny, Logan. Logan: You know where Victor is? Frederick J. Dukes: No idea. Logan: Where's the island, slim? Frederick J. Dukes: Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Logan. Logan: [gets into the ring] Listen, I ain't leaving here till you tell me where Victor is. So come on, bub, for old times' sake, huh? Frederick J. Dukes: Did you just call me... Blob? Logan: No, but... [Fred cold cocks him by knocking him out of the ring] John Wraith: I told you not to mention his weight. Why'd you call him Blob? Logan: I didn't call him Blob, I said bub! God damn it! John Wraith: [about Fred Dukes] Whatever you do, don't mention his weight. Remy LeBeau: Two years I rotted in that hellhole and I ain't ever going back. Remy LeBeau: You don't like flying, huh? Logan: I'm fine. Just concentrate on what you're doing. Remy LeBeau: You sure? You got a bit of sweat on your brow there. Logan: Very funny. Just keep your eyes on the... Remy LeBeau: On the what? The clouds? Keep my eyes on the clouds? Logan: You're going up and down like a freaking yo-yo here! Where'd you get this thing, anyway? Remy LeBeau: Oh, this is my baby. I won here in a game. Jacks over fives. Logan: Great. Remy LeBeau: Relax. We're almost there. [they arrive at the island] Remy LeBeau: There it is. The island. Three Mile Island. Hiding in plain sight. No one's gonna snoop around a nuclear reactor. They think it's gonna turn them into freaks. Logan: Like you? [Logan confronts Weapon XI, AKA Deadpool] Logan: Wade, is that you? [sees Weapon XI's his mouth has been completely sealed off] Logan: Guess Stryker finally figured out how to shut you up, huh? Wade, you don't have to do this... all right, maybe you do. Heather Hudson: [driving, sees Logan running] Travis. [stops the truck] Heather Hudson: I think there's a naked man in our barn. Travis Hudson: Yep. Logan: [to Agent Zero] Still shootin' first, askin' questions later? David North: [shoots Wolverine's cigar to pieces] Still smoking cheap cigars? Logan: [wearing boxing gloves] This is your idea of an idea? John Wraith: Trying to help you out, Logan. Dukes don't like you that much and you know it. Logan: Feeling's mutual. John Wraith: Then use those gloves, man. Dance with him a little bit, allow him to let his anger out on you. I figured if you'd do that he'd probably tell you everything you wanna know. Logan: Come on, man, look at him. Got a big old ass coming out the front of his shirt. Jesus. He's gonna have a coronary for Christ's sake. Is there even a stretcher big enough to take this guy out of here? [Wolverine gets pummeled] John Wraith: It ain't him I'm worried about getting out of here on a stretcher. Logan: [grunts with pain] You're an asshole. [from trailer] Logan: I'm the best there is at what I do, and what I do best isn't very nice. I'm the Wolverine. [from trailer] Victor Creed: I am an animal who dreamed he was a man. But the dream is over and the beast is awake. And I will come for you, because it's my nature. [from trailer] William Stryker: Mutants. They have a purpose. They must be controlled. That's just the beginning. [from trailer] Frederick J. Dukes: I don't regret the things I do. I'm proud of what I am. I'm proud of what I've done for my country. If you think you can take me, step up to Fred J. Dukes, you better run. 'Cause if I were to catch up, I might teach yah some manners. Remy LeBeau: See, the only difference between a winner and a loser is character. Every man has a price to charge, and a price to pay. Yeah, I've paid mine in spades. [from trailer] David North: My job, my mission is not to fear, and not to think. I execute orders and I eliminate others without prejudice. [from trailer] Kayla's Sister: I remember the day they came and took us away, the soldiers... hunting us. No one will stand up for us, we have to save ourselves. My name is Emma Frost. I'm a mutant. And our fight has just begun... Remy LeBeau: Large ones a hundred, and small ones a fifty. May I deal you any? Logan: Well, what do I get for seventeen bucks? Remy LeBeau: [laughs] Seventeen dollars? A cab ride home, perhaps. [Deadpool reaches for his severed head] Wade Wilson: [to the viewer] Shhhhh... Victor Creed: I despise my humanity as much as you cherish yours. And I will come for you without mercy. Logan: This doesn't change anything between us. We're done. Victor Creed: We could never be done, James. After all, we're brothers. And brothers look out for each other. Frederick J. Dukes: I put up in a lifetime of people trying to cut me down. And you try to do tall tales now you better run... and if you try to run you better keep on running. William Stryker: Fred! Frederick J. Dukes: The tank? William Stryker: The tank. Frederick J. Dukes: Yeah, I got it! William Stryker: [over the radio] Zero! David North: I'm down... William Stryker: Zero, is he dead? Is Logan dead? Come in! Logan: [speaking into the headphones] You tried to kill me. William Stryker: Logan? Logan: Where's Victor? William Stryker: Come back to base, I'll explain everything. We'll take down Victor together... Logan: Wrong answer. After I kill Victor, I'm coming for you. William Stryker: Logan, if you go down this path, you're not gonna like what you find. Logan: You wanted the animal, Colonel. You got it. William Stryker: We're going to make you indestructible - but first, we're gonna have to destroy you. You remember what we were looking for in Africa? Logan: I remember. William Stryker: Well, I found it. It helped us to create a metal compound so strong, that you'll be able to withstand virtually anything. It's called adamantium. I can't put Victor down myself, Logan. To kill him, you'll have to embrace the other side, become the animal. Logan: Let's do this. William Stryker: Oh, I almost forgot... [hold up Logan's dog tags] Logan: I want new ones. William Stryker: What do you want them to say? Logan: Wolverine. William Stryker: Activate the Deadpool! [last lines] Logan: I'll find my own way. Remy LeBeau: Good luck. [to Zero, who shot the Hudsons] Logan: Those were good people back there. Innocent people. [walks off] David North: [laughs] It's funny how innocent people tend to die around you! [Wolverine stops, and uses his claws to ignite gasoline and blow up Zero's copter] [last words] Kayla Silverfox: [to Stryker] Walk until you bleed... then keep walking! [before the adamantium bonding commences] Dr. Carol Frost: [to Logan] When it starts, whatever the reason is that you're doing this, focus on that. Maybe it will help. Logan: Trust me, I've been through worse. Dr. Carol Frost: No you haven't. [At a carnival, Bolt is in a trailer when he hears a knocking] Chris Bradley: The show's over. [the knocking continues] Chris Bradley: I said, show's over! [he opens the door] Victor Creed: Show's never over for us, Bradley. Chris Bradley: Victor... Victor Creed: Can I come in? Chris Bradley: [nervous] Yeah. Come on in. Chris Bradley: You know, I've never said anything, to anyone, about what happened. I'm livin' a totally different life now, Victor. I always thought it would be Wade to come knocking on my door. Victor Creed: Well, Wade's gone. Chris Bradley: I'm not afraid of you. I'm afraid of dying. Victor Creed: How do you know? You've never tried it before. [Bradley is heard screaming, and all the lights in the carnival go out] John Wraith: Move his ass. Dance with him, Fred! Frederick J. Dukes: Oh, what's that? You wanna dance with me? [Logan punches Dukes repeatedly] Frederick J. Dukes: That feels good. Hey! Guess what? [Dukes punches Logan once, and decks him] John Wraith: Oh, is he gonna talk now! You got him right where you want him! Logan: Whose side are you on, anyway? [Thomas Logan is heard shouting] John Howlett: Your father's drunk again, Victor. I think you should take him home. Young Victor Creed: It's not MY name he's calling, sir. [Victor tackles Logan after he killed his father] Young James Logan: I didn't mean it! I didn't mean it! Young Victor Creed: Yes, you did!... He deserved it. And you gave it to him. Victor Creed: When are you gonna figure it out? We're not like them! Logan: I am NOTHING like you. Victor Creed: Sure you are. You just don't know it yet. John Wraith: I'm coming with you, Logan! Logan: There's no redemption where I'm going, John. John Wraith: I ain't asking for it! [Sabretooth punches Kestrel] John Wraith: You shouldn't have done that. Now I'm gonna have to kill you before Logan gets his chance! Victor Creed: You know, John, there's something I've always wanted to tell you... [Wraith teleports behind Victor... and gets stabbed on cue] Victor Creed: You're PREDICTABLE. Victor Creed: You could never survive the adamantium bonding... Victor Creed: Whatever you did to him, I can take it! [Victor grabs Kayla] Kayla Silverfox: Let go. Victor Creed: Sorry, your mind games don't work on me. [operating on Logan] Surgeon: Is this a joke? This man's fine! Logan: [to Victor] Back to back!

Other Titles

  1. Wolverine (2006) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

  2. X-Men: le origini - Wolverine (2009) (ENG)
    (Italy) (imdb display title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

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  2. Blacksmiths Beach, Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia - (Normandy Landings Scenes)
  3. Brownlow Hill, New South Wales, Australia
  4. Camden, New South Wales, Australia - (Angola jungle)
  5. Centennial Park, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  6. Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - (Stryker's Facility)
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  23. University of British Columbia, Robson Square Campus - 800 Robson Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  24. Vancouver Film Studios, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - (re-shoots)


- This is the first film to be produced by 'Hugh Jackman' (qv) and 'John Palermo (I)' (qv)'s new production company, Seed Productions.

- 'David Benioff' (qv) aimed for a darker and more brutal story, and wrote the script with an R rating in mind. Producer 'Hugh Jackman' (qv) did not see the need for an R rating, however, and the script was toned down to a safer PG-13 level.

- 'Bryan Singer' (qv) (who directed the first two X-Films), 'Brett Ratner' (qv) (who directed the 3rd and previous X-Film), 'Len Wiseman (I)' (qv), 'Alexandre Aja' (qv), and 'Zack Snyder' (qv) all expressed interest in directing the film before 'Gavin Hood (I)' (qv) was hired.

- This is the first time the mutant Gambit appears in an X-Film. He was planned to make appearances in the previous X-Films, but was always cut out.

- The characters depicted in this movie are the result of 3 generations of X-Men creators - Wolverine and Sabretooth were created by 'Len Wein' (qv) & 'Johnny Romita' (qv) and 'Chris Claremont' (qv) & 'John Byrne (VI)' (qv) respectively back in the '70's; Deadpool is a product of 'Fabian Nicieza' (qv) and 'Rob Liefeld' (qv)'s work on the title during the '90's, and; John Wraith was