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(Hollywood) USA

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Inspired Images Company [us]
Vista Films International [us]

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  1. Drama

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A United States Marine goes to war, trained like no other, to face the most extreme challenges on the ground. He is physically and mentally prepared. Does he also possess the knowledge to face the spiritual battle? Connor O'Malley, an infantry Marine, takes you on his journey, from boot camp at Camp Pendleton to the sands of Iraq. While on a routine patrol, O'Malley encounters Zuhrah, an eight year old girl from a Christian family, who is used as a human shield by Ghazi, a local insurgence leader. See how God will help him to apply his spiritual understanding to traverse the daunting and perilous obstacles of his duty to save her life. O'Malley's compassion and his knowledge of the Word of God lead him to the understanding that there is no greater love than this; that a man lay down his life for another. ZUHRAH is based on a true events Elias Acosta & James Ellis Plot not found


Vista Films International [us] - (2014) (worldwide) (all media)